All our trainers are teaching live online during the COVID-19 period.

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A Modern Online Language Training Solution

Blended with live online language tutors and personalised training – this is cutting edge language training and development. Get your team more agile in an increasingly global business envrionment.

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Learning Dynamics:

Are These Online Groups or 1-to-1 Language Training?

Ideally, our online language training is suited for one-to-one courses. This allows our language trainers to focus on individual difficulties and can point to relevant course materials, recordings, texts and exercises.

Courses are available on a group basis where the members are from approximately equal language level already. Otherwise there is ineffective ROI.

Last year alone Speexx helped over 500 global organizations implement digital language training for more than 500,000 learners.

More Than 8 Million Users Worldwide

More than 8 million users in 1,500 organisations have been using Speexx to learn languages online and deliver exceptional return on the investment.

Speexx is easy to use and scales to the needs of users and training managers in companies of any size.

The Speexx branded Perfect Blend integrates online business communication skills training, secure tests, mobile and social learning, expert online tutors located throughout the world and personalised live online language activities into one fully standardsed, globally consistent learning experience.


This is Speexx

  • Unique combination of micro-learning, macro-learning and ongoing performance support.
  • Blended learning with direct access to 1,500+ certified online tutors and coaches 24/7 in a full range of world languages.
  • Training administration, reporting, business analytics and tech integration included. Stand-alone or fully integrated into your IT or LMS.
  • Artificial intelligence driving personalised content to learner matching.
  • Real native speaker teachers, one-on-one, in small groups, virtual online language classes and over the phone.
  • Use artificial intelligence to optimize ROI on your training budget.

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Lessons will likely start online before transitioning to face to face, based on government guidance during COVID-19.
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