English Pronunciation & Accent Training

Master the effective pronunciation of all relevant English sounds and appropriate syllable stress, sentence stress and intonation to nail the English accent.

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Course Content

  • Introduction to individual sounds
  • Using the phonetic alphabet
  • Using a dictionary to improve pronunciation
  • Differentiation of phonemes (individual language sounds)
  • Weak forms of common words
  • Linking sounds together
  • Stress in individual words
  • Stress and rhythm in sentences
  • Intonation patterns and their meanings
  • Reading texts and breaking up phrases
  • Awareness of different accents (British regional and international)
  • Characteristics of fast speech
  • Cultural factors in communication

Learning Dynamics

Ideally on a one-to-one basis due to the uniqueness of each individual’s difficulties, using relevant course materials, recordings and texts, and supplementing these with suitable listening and other exercises where necessary.

Courses are available on a group basis where the members are from the same national group and have a similar level of spoken English.

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Enquire About Pronunciation & Accent Training

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