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In association with world-leading cultural training and communications experts, SIMON & SIMON deliver a variety of international Cross Cultural Training skills courses.

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The world is trending towards multi-national management structures. That means it is becoming increasingly important that business executives become more familiar with communication styles and cultures of clients and colleagues from around the world.

We deliver cross-cultural training for various cultural backgrounds, providing cultural sensitivity and effective communication across international markets. An expert intercultural training course like those provided by SIMON & SIMON offers the best business practices to navigate cultural challenges at work effectively, no matter your cultural background.

What is Cross-Cultural Training and What is its Purpose?

Cross-cultural training is the practice of teaching people how to work with individuals from different countries and different cultures in order to best serve their customers and business partners. This helps multinational companies create a standardised, professional and culturally aware approach when working with clients across borders.

The purpose of cross-cultural training courses is to help business partners understand the cultural backgrounds of a particular country, especially in relation to communication styles and etiquette, while also developing an appreciation for different ways of doing things.

What Should Cross-Cultural Training Include?

Effective cross-cultural training programmes should cover a variety of different cultures. It is crucial for those attending the course to gain a solid cultural understanding of how those from different cultures speak and behave in comparison to their own culture. This helps them understand why certain actions or words might come across as offensive, even if those from the other culture don’t mean them as such.

A cross-cultural training course will also help people learn how to behave in a way that works within a certain culture, while still being sensitive to other cultures’ differences from their own. Such training helps employees avoid any uncomfortable cultural issues or awkward business situations involving cultural differences.

Learning the language opens a door, but learning the culture lets you walk through it. A selection of our cultural training courses are outlined below:

Cultural Awareness

It isn’t enough to learn the business language to optimise business performance. You also need to understand your foreign colleagues and clients’ business expectations and HOW they go about their business. Our cultural awareness seminars are specifically tailored to the requirements of your company and your course participants.

Market Briefings

We show you how to communicate successfully with your foreign colleagues and clients by understanding their system of communication as well as the language they use. We show you the key business differentiators and how to understand your colleagues’ and clients’ motivation and business expectations. Lastly, you identify your own cultural profile and learn how to adapt it to your colleagues and clients, or get them to adapt to you.

Living & Working Abroad

For overseas assignees (short and long term) and inductees into the UK. We teach you the background to the area you are in and the people you will meet. We take you through the key things you will need to know to operate successfully, using our unique 12 step settling-in programme and we prepare you for dealing with the inevitable culture shock and repatriation shock.

Managing Multi-Cultural Teams

Getting international teams to work together isn’t easy, especially in JVs and M&As. This programme provides a structured forum for sharing synergies and difference in business expectations and business procedures and creates networks and processes to resolve problems that are having a negative impact on performance.

Our Approach

… is simplicity itself.

  • You complete a pre-seminar questionnaire so that we can tailor the seminar to your company’s needs.
  • We fine-tune the seminar to your delegates’ requirements.
  • We don’t lecture, we facilitate discussion. We find out what you do. We compare that with what ‘they’ do and agree on how you and they need to adapt.
  • We help you evolve strategies to deal with communication and organisational challenges.
  • We follow up with a detailed report on the seminar together with delegates’ evaluations of its success.

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