1 to 1 Language Training

You can get personal 1 to 1 teaching that comes to your home or workplace.

Direct, 1 to 1 Learning

Depending on what you want and need, SIMON & SIMON offer different type of courses. We find that 1 to 1 language training produces the best results. When you have 1 to 1 lessons, your individual needs, weaknesses and strengths are catered for so your progress will be quicker.

Group Sessions Also Available

While we encourage 1:1 language training because of the higher quality, you may want to organise a group session instead as they offer excellent value for money.

Group Language Courses

Your Language Course Management

Once you have decided on the language that you want to learn and the type of course, an Account Manager will be assigned to ensure you course runs smoothly. Our Account Managers are a friendly collection of experienced and multi-lingual people passionate about language learning.

They will talk you initially to find out your requirements. They will then choose a language course and trainer that’s right for you and ensure you are sent a profile on your trainer and any course materials you need.

After every 40 hours of training, you will also receive a Progress Report.

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