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In today’s global business environment, effective communication is paramount. At SIMON & SIMON, we understand the critical role language plays in unlocking international markets and fostering professional relationships. Our business language training services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, offering a diverse range of language courses that enhance language skills and communication abilities.

Unrivalled Language Training for Professionals

Our language training programs are designed with the professional in mind. Whether it’s business language training, corporate language training, or specific business language courses, our goal is to deliver training that exceeds expectations. Our courses are crafted to not only improve language skills but also to enhance communication skills essential for success in the business world.

Tailored Business Language Solutions

Understanding business language is key to navigating the complexities of international business. The most common business language, English, serves as a foundation for many of our courses. However, appropriate business language varies across cultures, making it crucial for professionals to adapt their communication style accordingly. Our business language training encompasses a broad spectrum of languages, preparing our clients for success on a global stage. Many think that learning a business vocabulary requires many years of English lessons (or any other language), but with hard work and the right tutors, we have discovered that it can take less than a year.

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Who Will Benefit from Our Courses?

Suppose you are an HR professional, a team leader, a CEO, a development manager or you want to communicate more proficiently with the native members of your team. In that case, our courses will be excellent companions to your workflow.

Additionally, for anyone who is just starting in the corporate world, our business language training will help with finding a job, overall communication skills and more. Call us to discuss your specific needs.

The Best Language Learning Program

What’s the best programme to learn? At SIMON & SIMON, we believe in a personalised approach. Our courses are infused with interactive lessons, practical exercises, and cultural insights to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Whether it’s learning English or another language, our programs are designed to help learners fully immerse themselves in the language and culture.

A New Take at Mastering Language Learning

Can you master a language in 3 months? While mastering a language takes time, our intensive courses are designed to make significant progress in a short amount of time. Our focus on practical language use, supported by theoretical knowledge, enables learners to quickly apply their new skills in real-world situations.

Our Language Services: Your Gateway to Global Communication

At SIMON & SIMON, we’re not just teaching languages; we’re opening doors to new opportunities. Our language training options are more than just lessons; they’re a journey towards achieving greater understanding and connectivity in the international arena. With our support, clients and their teams can confidently navigate the challenges of global business, armed with the language skills and cultural knowledge necessary to succeed.

Join us in exploring the vast opportunities that language learning offers. With SIMON & SIMON, you’ll discover the key to unlocking your full potential in the international marketplace. Contact us today to learn more about our language services and how we can help you achieve your business and professional objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you assess your students before offering them a course?

Yes, we comprehensively assess all our students before recommending a suitable course. This ensures that the language training we offer is perfectly aligned with their current proficiency level and learning objectives, providing a personalised and effective learning experience.

What are the languages that are most commonly spoken worldwide?

The most commonly spoken languages worldwide include English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and French. Our language classes cover these and many others, catering to the diverse needs of our clients, aiming to engage with international markets and cultures.

What is your teaching method?

Our teaching method is centred around the communicative approach. This immersive and interactive method focuses on practical language use in real-life situations. It enhances not only the linguistic abilities of our students but also their confidence in using the language in professional and casual contexts alike.

Do you offer Keigo language studies?

While we do not offer a course specifically titled “Keigo language studies,” we offer Business Japanese which includes learning Keigo. Keigo, or honorific Japanese, is essential for professional and formal settings in Japan, making our Business Japanese course ideal for those looking to navigate the Japanese business environment effectively.

Do you offer translations?

Yes, we offer professional translation services across a wide range of cultures. Our translation services are designed to meet the needs of businesses requiring accurate and culturally sensitive translations for documents, communications, and digital content, supporting their global reach and international communications.


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