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In the current economic climate, the need for companies to monitor and maximise the return on their investment in language training has never been greater, and requires that training personnel and other decision-makers have online access to topline information on all aspects of a student’s course, including progress, attendance and cancellation rates.

CoMand 2.0 – our industry leading online reporting system.

With this growing need for transparency and accountability in mind, SIMON & SIMON has broken down the technological barriers that prevent HR and Training Departments from accessing crucial financial and management information at source, and pioneered the development of CoMand 2.0 – our industry leading online reporting system.

The development of CoMand 2.0 has seen standards of language training management raised to new levels, and resulted in SIMON & SIMON achieving a success rate of 70% in competitive tenders for volume accounts. The innovative features and benefits of CoMand 2.0 mean that we can provide our clients with the information they want, to any number of people within the organisation, in a secure password protected online environment.


  • Ensures financial transparency with clients of SIMON & SIMON
  • Maximises the return on their investment
  • Promises unrivalled value for money
  • Minimises cancellation rates
  • Delivers identifiable savings
  • Guarantees accurate management information
  • Removes duplication and minimises paperwork
  • Facilitates more informed decision-making
  • Improves quality control


  • Provides password protected online access to management information
  • Connects all interested parties to one reliable information source
  • Is accessible from any global location
  • Offers easy access and user-friendly navigation
  • Tracks training activity across all regional offices and decentralised structures
  • Centralises storage of all available course history such as Course Plans and Progress Reports
  • Details students’ attendance and cancellation rates
  • Allows users to print reports and graphs at the touch of a button

To request a meeting and live demonstration of what CoMand 2.0 can do for your business, contact us now.

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