Language Training for Employees to Help You Break the Language Barrier

Since 1995 thousands of professionals from hundreds of companies have benefited from a SIMON & SIMON business language training course. Designed specifically around your needs, we offer 1-to-1 and group courses in more than 25 languages, conducted by the UK’s most experienced team of business language trainers.

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Business language courses at your convenience

Language sessions are organised entirely at your convenience, on a day and time of your choosing, and typically take place at your office removing the need for you to travel.

Alternatively, business language training sessions can take place at your home or our training facility here in the heart of London.

While the majority of our courses are conducted in person with your language trainer, sessions can also be delivered by telephone or online with your teacher when more convenient.

Courses are also available in numerous international locations.

Specialised Courses

For information on our range of Specialised Courses:

  • 1 to 1 Language Training
    Personal language training sessions allow your individual needs, weaknesses and strengths to be catered for.
  • Group Language Courses
    Perfect for a collection of individuals who are all looking to learn the same language.
  • Cross-Cultural Training
    Beyond just learning the language, Cross-Cultural Training is critical when navigating a new country or culture.
  • Pronunciation Training
    Master the effective pronunciation of sounds and appropriate syllable stress, sentence stress and intonation so you can become a clearer speaker.

Language Training For Employees FAQs

What is Corporate Language Training?

Corporate language training is a course that is designed for and tailored to employees of a specific company. The aim of the course is to help employees break the language barrier and develop the language skills to be able to communicate with clients and co-workers in a specific language. 

From Business English language training for international employees, to training managers in the necessary language to support upcoming business opportunities, corporate language training can support your business to learn multiple languages at your convenience.

Why Should Companies Offer Corporate Language Training To Employees?

There are a number of reasons why a company should offer corporate language training to employees. Firstly, it can boost employee confidence and professional skills when working with clients or co-workers from other countries. 

Secondly, it can improve communication between employees in their target language, improving employee engagement and helping to create more productivity and a more efficient work environment. Finally, it can also help to boost the bottom line of your business by improving communication with international clients and potential partners.

What Can I Expect From a Business Language Training Course?

Each business foreign language training course is different, but you can generally expect to learn the basics of communication skills in a specific language, such as grammar, vocabulary, business writing and pronunciation. 

You will also likely be taught cross-cultural skills and how to apply these skills in a business context so that you can use the language for practical purposes in international markets. You should expect professional language programmes to be tailored to your company’s goals and busy schedules, allowing your staff members to learn online and build skills in other languages in a way that works for them.

What is the Best Method For Corporate Language Learning?

The best method for corporate language learning will vary from company to company. However, many businesses find that a blended combination of in-person classes, online classes, and self-study is the most effective way to learn a foreign language. Our business language training programmes are highly adaptable and can be tailored to your specific needs.


Whether your company needs business language courses for individual executives or for an entire team, call SIMON & SIMON today on 020 7821 0999 to discuss how we can meet your requirements.

Alternatively, you can fill in our short enquiry form and receive a customised proposal with investment levels based on your requirements.

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