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If you’ve always dreamt of learning professional Spanish or need to develop your Spanish language skills for the business world, choose a tailored Spanish language course from SIMON & SIMON – the UK’s No.1 provider of experienced language trainers.

Spanish speakers worldwide: 470 million.

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Spanish language courses from experienced teachers.

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At SIMON & SIMON, we offer a range of business Spanish courses designed for everyone from complete beginners to professionals enhancing their global reach. Our curriculum, grounded in the Communicative Approach, emphasises practical vocabulary and interactive exercises that are crucial for engaging in the Spanish-speaking world, whether it’s for a job interview or expanding your company’s international presence.

Understanding and speaking Spanish, the second most spoken language globally, is not just an academic exercise but a substantial business opportunity. Through our software program and interactive exercises, students learn Spanish phrases necessary to navigate both European Spanish nuances and the linguistic demands of Latin America.

Our highly qualified instructors are adept in the latest language-teaching methodologies, ensuring that you learn business Spanish effectively. Including new vocabulary specific to your industry and the foreign language skills necessary for professional success, our courses are more than just language lessons; they are a gateway to international business opportunities.

We maintain a waiting list to ensure personalised attention and optimal learning experiences. Please say “Por favor” to our bilingual account managers, who will guide you through our offerings and help you choose the right course to meet your professional Spanish learning goals over the coming decade.

Information on our Spanish language courses.

Spanish Language Profile

Spanish is one of the European Romance languages, and originally comes from a region of Spain called Castile (which is why it is also known as Castillian). It was first recorded officially in the 9th century and has spread across the entire world over the centuries. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and is one of the official languages of the European Union among many other international organisations.

As the first language in Spain and a large portion of the Americas, Spanish is a truly global language and is considered a language of business in the following markets:

  • Andorra
  • Argentina
  • Belize
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Democratic Republic Congo
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Gibraltar
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Puerto Rico
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Uruguay
  • USA
  • Venezuela

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1:1 and Group Spanish Courses

Our business Spanish courses are available for individual learners and groups, designed for efficiency and cost savings. We offer intensive courses in London, ideal for professionals and teams eager to expand their language skills quickly.

Group sessions promote peer learning and are budget-friendly, best kept to a maximum of six participants to maintain quality interaction. For more personalised attention, our 1-to-1 courses accelerate learning with customised content focusing on the learner’s specific needs.

Students receive support from a bilingual Account Manager to determine the most effective course type and connect with the right instructor. They also ensure you have the necessary materials, provide reports for HR purposes, and manage course administration for a seamless learning experience.

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Spanish Course Locations & Schedules

Our Spanish courses are designed to work around your schedule. Thanks to our extensive network of native-speaker teachers, we are able to conduct courses in offices throughout the UK, such as London and in most major cities around the world. So wherever your business is based, we will be able to come to you and provide professional courses in your workplace.

Our teachers can also come to your home, if that is more convenient, or you can have your Spanish language course conducted in our facilities or online via Skype.

Our teachers are available all year round, and typically work Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm. Weekends can also be negotiated if that works better for you.

Typically, our students take at least 1 90 minute session a week. Depending on personal schedules, many take more than this. Our most intensive courses run for a 30 hour week, with 6 hours every day, Monday – Friday.

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Spanish Course Content

Before commencing your language training, you will receive a comprehensive course plan as well as a teacher profile. Following the completion of each 40 hour block, we provide an extensive progress report to employers as part of our commitment to providing clear and measurable feedback. Businesses sponsoring employee training can also contact SIMON & SIMON at any time to discuss progress, course details and any queries they may have with regards to the course.

The content is very much driven by what you require. Our Account Manager will have had a detailed discussion with you before anything is set, so that the Spanish language course you embark on is truly tailored to your requirements. Obviously, in a group training session, that becomes slightly more difficult to achieve.

We can help you learn Spanish for a full range of purposes – from business contexts such as sales and finance and marketing, to cultural understandings and slang use.

If you are seeking qualifications, we are also very capable of assisting you through Spanish language examinations. Our students achieve a 95% pass rate – something we attribute to our experienced teachers and their modern teaching methods.

We will assist with registration, administration and certification in your examination process.

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Assess Your Spanish Level

The table below is based on recognised language levels used by various academic institutions across the European Union. A highly motivated student attending weekly sessions with their Spanish language trainer can expect to move from one level to another after 50 hours providing they also commit to a similar number of hours of self-study.

Of course, some people find learning languages easier than others, and some students will have more opportunities to practise Spanish in the course of their work and leisure, so these factors also need to be considered when trying to assess how long it will take to move from one level to another.

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We offer Spanish Courses in locations around the world. The following are some of our most popular locations:

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Fees & proposals for Spanish language courses

We do not have standard fees. If you would like to know what the investment would be into a Spanish language course with SIMON & SIMON, please call us on 020 7821 0999 so we can discuss your needs and issue you a tailored proposal. You can also submit your enquiry online using the button below.

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Our Spanish language services also include:

  • the support of our multi-lingual team of account managers
  • pre-course language assessments and course needs analysis
  • trainer profiles, course plans, progress reports and course evaluations
  • purchase and delivery of language course materials
  • registration and preparation for language examinations
  • comprehensive reports on student attendance and progress
  • regular account reviews with HR/learning & development personnel
  • password access to ‘monitor’ – our industry leading online reporting system
  • translation & interpreting service
  • "We are happy to recommend SIMON & SIMON their use of quality trainers in the UK and abroad ensures our students receive excellent training, and their personal approach to account management is very reassuring as they are always available and attentive to the clients requirements."

    Jayne, Personnel & Training, Multinational construction company

  • "I would like to mention that Olga is an excellent Russian teacher. Her lessons are really fun, she is great at explaining language points, her general cultural knowledge is awesome and she does a tremendous amount of preparatory work."

    Gavin, Associate Director, Multinational banking group

  • "SIMON & SIMON is extremely professional and detail conscious... They provide excellent reports on student progress which enable us to make better informed decisions."

    Lisa, Training and Development Manager, Cosmetics company

  • "The information they provide makes it easy for our managers to keep track of each student's commitment and progress and identifies how they can save money and better focus on their investment in language training."

    Toby, Training Manager, Multinational engineering conglomerate

  • "This was an excellent session. Very excited for this and Anette is an excellent teacher! Very happy to have finally started this."

    Michael, Associate, Multinational law firm

  • "The course is going very well. Sue is an extraordinary teacher and I have improved very much thanks to her lessons."

    Luca, Software Development Engineer, Semiconductor suppliers

Whether you’re learning a language for the first time or are looking to develop your existing language skills, call SIMON & SIMON today on +44 (0)20 7821 0999 to discuss the best language training course for you.

Alternatively, complete our short enquiry form to receive a tailored proposal that includes investment levels.

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Business Spanish Course FAQs

Is Learning Spanish Good For Business?

Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the world, with over 300 million native speakers. Businesses are increasingly globalised and there are many opportunities to do business in Spanish-speaking countries. Therefore businesses should consider learning Spanish as part of their language requirements, wherever they may be located.

How Do I Become Fluent in Spanish for Business?

There is no shortcut to becoming fluent in a second language. You need to dedicate time and effort daily to learning and practicing the language appropriate for you. We offer courses for all levels, with a wide variety of course formats to choose from, allowing you to learn in a way that suits your team’s objectives and needs.

Do I Need to Know Business Spanish to Work in a Spanish-Speaking Country?

Speaking Spanish at a business level is an essential part of working with Spanish clients, within a Spanish-speaking company, but also alongside Spanish-speaking colleagues and peers. The Spanish business vocabulary we teach will help you advance your career.

Do You Help with Handling Business Phone Calls?

If your work requires you to take business phone calls and regular on-the-phone talking to native Spanish speakers, then our courses will surely help you feel more comfortable with the quick-paced aspects of non-direct communication.

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