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Looking to learn the Arabic language quickly?

At Simon and Simon, our intensive Arabic courses held exclusively in our Centre of Excellence in our prestigious central London location might be exactly what you’re looking for, we cater for complete beginners or classes at an upper intermediate language level.

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Why Choose a SIMON & SIMON Intensive Arabic Course

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We’re proud to be the United Kingdom’s biggest provider of professional language instructors for businesses at Simon & Simon. We only employ language experts with an average of 15 years of experience who give hundreds of language lessons to clients from a variety of industries across the United Kingdom and abroad.

Our language courses for business include a range of incredibly specialised language services, like Cross Cultural Workshops, an array of courses for native and non-native speakers, Pronunciation & Accent Training, Translation and Interpreting, plus Writing and Presentation Skills in any language.

We provide language training courses that are not only effective, but also highly successful. We stay up to date on the most current teaching techniques, and all of our instructors use a Communicative Approach to guarantee that progress begins from the first lesson, which is why our intensive language courses are so celebrated and respected.

Our method

The distinction between our intensive Arabic programs and the competition is that they are unlike any other. You’ll be learning Arabic while also understanding how to listen to it, speak it and write it.

Our course material is both thorough and succinct, allowing you to master the most essential aspects of the language such as syntax and a solid grasp of the dialect first.

Our teachers in London teach one-to-one at our Centre of Excellence. You’ll speak Arabic the whole time during your course, which may appear frightening at first, but you’ll quickly realise it’s the most efficient method to adapt to the language and understand Arabic.

We provide free initial consultations, and if you’re ready to put in the effort, our committed and experienced staff are ready to assist you turn into a native Arabic speaker in no time.

Information on our Arabic language courses.

Productive and Effective

Our courses are for all, from complete beginners to those who lightly understand Arabic. You’ll be learning Arabic and speaking the Arabic language from the first minute of your intensive Arabic language course. It’s full-on, but it’s also the most efficient method to learn Arabic quickly, effectively and comprehensively.

Experienced Arabic teachers

Our experienced Arabic tutors will teach you modern standard Arabic vocabulary, Arabic grammar, Arabic writing skills and all the Arabic language skills you or your employees need. Because Arabic is the language of the Islamic Sciences, having this comprehensive information gives you or your employees increased fluency of the Arabic language, ensuring that you can build relationships with new business partners all over the world.

Advanced level Arabic speaking and listening skills

At Simon & Simon, our Arabic language courses are intense, but they’re comprehensive. You won’t just have a basic language level: You’ll be speaking Arabic, reading Arabic texts as well as listening to the Arabic language. This means you’ll be able to converse with native Arabic speakers much more fluently, which can help you develop relationships in international professional settings.

Teaching Arabic skills to Businesses since 1995

We specialise in intensive Arabic language lessons for organisations of all sizes. Whether you’re relocating for employment, starting a business in a nation where Arabic is the native language, or just wish to communicate more naturally with potential Arabian clients or partners in the official language, our intensive Arabic language courses will help you succeed.

We know you have a busy schedule, which is why our language courses can be tailored to fit your schedule and begin on a start date that is best for you. We will work with you to ensure that you learn Arabic from a foreign language to a natural language in no time, whether you need a weeklong intensive course, an evening class spread over several days, or an online course. We can offer courses in a number of ways.

Our experts are certified Arabic teachers with the highest teaching and accreditation standards, so you’ll be learning from instructors who have been specially trained in the subject. Our team of specialists will cover all of the professional and corporate terms you’ll need to advance your career, acquire expert credentials, or prepare for a meeting or interview in Arabic.

Whatever your decision, learning Arabic with us is an investment in your company or career that will repay itself many times over once you’ve mastered the language.

We also offer intensive language courses for French and Spanish.

Our courses are:

  • Intensive from the get go: Each lesson you’ll speak and learn Arabic for the entirety
  • Designed to fit to your schedule: Learn Arabic as soon as your schedule allows with either 1/2 day or full day daily classes available to fit your schedule
  • Provided by experienced Arabic tutors with high quality one to one teaching
  • Extremely knowledgeable with over 25 years experience teaching Arabic to businesses
  • Based in our centre of excellence in our Central London location, making it easily accessible and surrounded by a multitude of cultural opportunities.
  • Intense to a level that suits you: Our programmes run from 1 week to 4 weeks

Intensive Arabic Language Course FAQs

What is an intensive Arabic language course?

Intensive Arabic courses will teach learners key Arabic language skills, helping them communicate with Arabic-speaking countries more effectively. The courses are designed to fit around the learner’s schedule with either 1/2 day or full day classes available, while expediting the language-learning process by tailoring the level of intensity to fit your needs.

How can I become fluent in Arabic fast?

You don’t have to study Arabic abroad to learn it fast! You can learn Arabic language skills fast from anywhere in the UK with our intensive online courses and Arabic lessons. With however many hours per week suits you and your needs, the fastest way to learn classical Arabic is through a fast-paced, intensive language course that supports your specific learning objectives.

Can I learn Arabic in 3 months?

How long it takes to learn Arabic will differ depending on the learner and the language school you choose. With SIMON & SIMON’s intensive Arabic course, you can learn the basics of speaking Arabic and reading Arabic texts in as little as 4 weeks.

How long does it take to become fluent in Arabic?

To become truly fluent in modern standard Arabic can take around 3-4 months of study and ongoing practice. However, intensive courses offer a way to learn the basics of Arabic and Arabic grammar in a shorter time frame, giving you a great foundation to build on with all the key language skills and knowledge of Arabic culture that you need to succeed.

  • "We are happy to recommend SIMON & SIMON their use of quality trainers in the UK and abroad ensures our students receive excellent training, and their personal approach to account management is very reassuring as they are always available and attentive to the clients requirements."

    Jayne, Personnel & Training, Multinational construction company

  • "I would like to mention that Olga is an excellent Russian teacher. Her lessons are really fun, she is great at explaining language points, her general cultural knowledge is awesome and she does a tremendous amount of preparatory work."

    Gavin, Associate Director, Multinational banking group

  • "SIMON & SIMON is extremely professional and detail conscious... They provide excellent reports on student progress which enable us to make better informed decisions."

    Lisa, Training and Development Manager, Cosmetics company

  • "The information they provide makes it easy for our managers to keep track of each student's commitment and progress and identifies how they can save money and better focus on their investment in language training."

    Toby, Training Manager, Multinational engineering conglomerate

  • "This was an excellent session. Very excited for this and Anette is an excellent teacher! Very happy to have finally started this."

    Michael, Associate, Multinational law firm

  • "The course is going very well. Sue is an extraordinary teacher and I have improved very much thanks to her lessons."

    Luca, Software Development Engineer, Semiconductor suppliers

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