French Courses for Business in Sheffield

Professionals and non-professionals alike from all over the UK have already seen great benefits from a SIMON & SIMON French Language Course. At SIMON & SIMON, we boast a team of highly qualified French Teachers, all of whom are native speakers with more than 15 years of experience.

The Communicative Approach

Our teachers will make sure that your French Course in Sheffield is tailored to your specific requirements so that you can benefit regardless of your language proficiency. All of our French Teachers regularly receive positive feedback, and what’s more, before the start of your course you will be equipped with a profile on your trainer, detailing their previous experience and background.

The way in which modern languages are taught has undergone a revolution in recent years, the experience is now considered far more fun and rewarding. If your only experience of studying a language is what you remember from school then you are in for a treat. Our French Courses in Sheffield will be conducted almost entirely in French, a modern teaching method known as the Communicative Approach. Adopting the Communicative Approach means that you can make considerable progress right from your very first session, and will soon have such confidence in order to communicate effectively in French.

In depth: Our French Courses for Business in Sheffield

1:1 and Group French Courses in Sheffield

At SIMON & SIMON our French Courses in Sheffield are usually offered on a 1:1 basis, however group sessions can also be accommodated. Group sessions prove to be excellent value for money, however they will require thorough planning and should be kept to a maximum of 6 students per course. A 1:1 French Course in Sheffield will allow for faster progress as your individual needs, weaknesses and strengths can be catered for.

French Course Management

Each of SIMON & SIMON’s French language Courses is overseen by a highly experienced and multi-lingual Account Manager. Before the start of your French Course in Sheffield you will be sent a profile on your trainer along with materials for your course and a Course Plan. You will also receive a Progress Report after every 40 hours of completed training.

French Course Locations & Schedules

SIMON & SIMON have run French Courses in a host of locations for many different clients. With a global network of language trainers, a French Language Course can be arranged in just about any major city in the UK, Europe, and even further afield. We can arrange your French Language Course for within your own home, however the majority of our clients wish to run their course within their offices, so as to minimise the need for travel. Full-time residential French Language Courses are also available, please enquire with our offices regarding locations and availability.

Sheffield French Course Schedules

Our French Language Courses in Sheffield are run all year around, from 8am to 8pm, Monday through Friday. Some of our students will choose to attend multiple sessions a week, if work commitments allow so. However, the majority will attend just one 90-minute session weekly. Weekend courses are available to be arranged upon request. Our French courses in Sheffield are available 12 hours a day, from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday. 30 hour per week intensive French courses can be held on a clients’ premises or in residential centres both in the UK and abroad. These courses consist of 6 hours of language learning a day, Monday through Friday.

French Course Content

Your French Course in Sheffield will be tailored to your specific aims and level of knowledge. Before the start of your French Language Course we will assess your goals and level of French Experience, and discuss with you your desired focus. You may simply desire to develop a basic survival level of skills, or you may have some level of proficiency and wish to further your fluency for when it comes to business topics such as Marketing and Finance. No matter what goals you may have, you can be confident of our French trainers experience and that your French Language Course is tailored to your needs so that goals can be quickly met.

French Language Examination Courses

We are happy to offer assistance with your preparations for French Language Examinations, whether of a business nature or otherwise. Our students’ boast a pass rate of 95% when it comes to language examinations, which we believe demonstrates the benefit of working with French teachers in Sheffield who hold above average experience. The registration for and Administration of such examinations, along with the issuing of results, is all taken care of by SIMON & SIMON.

About French

French is a Romance language spoken as a first language by around 136 million people worldwide. A total of 500 million speak it as either a first, second, and foreign language. Moreover, some 200 million people learn French as a foreign language. French speaking communities are present in 56 countries and territories. Most native speakers of the language live in France, the rest live essentially in Canada, particularly Quebec, a minority in New Brunswick and Maine, as well as Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg and Louisiana. Most second-language speakers of French live in Francophone Africa, arguably exceeding the number of native speakers.

About Sheffield

Sheffield is a city and metropolitan borough of South Yorkshire, England. Its name derives from the River Sheaf, which runs through the city. Historically a part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, the city has grown from its largely industrial roots to encompass a wider economic base.

The population of the City of Sheffield is 534,500 (2008 est.) and it is one of the eight largest regional English cities that make up the English Core Cities Group. During the 19th century, Sheffield gained an international reputation for steel production. Many innovations were developed locally, including crucible and stainless steel, fuelling an almost tenfold increase in the population during the Industrial Revolution.

Sheffield received its municipal charter in 1893, officially becoming the City of Sheffield. International competition in iron and steel caused a decline in traditional local industries during the 1970s and 1980s, coinciding with the collapse of coal mining in the area. The 21st century has seen extensive redevelopment in Sheffield along with other British cities.

Sheffield’s gross value added (GVA) has increased by 60% since 1997, standing at £9.2 billion in 2007. The economy has experienced steady growth averaging around 5% annually, greater than that of the broader region of Yorkshire and the Humber.

Assess Your French Level

The table below is based on recognised language levels used by various academic institutions across the European Union. A highly motivated student attending weekly sessions with their French language trainer in Sheffield can expect to move from one level to another after 50 hours providing they also commit to a similar number of hours of self-study.

Of course, some people find learning languages easier than others, and some students will have more opportunities to practise French in the course of their work and leisure, so these factors also need to be considered when trying to assess how long it will take to move from one level to another.


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