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If you’re looking to learn French, make sure you are taught by the best. SIMON & SIMON have been offering tailored French language courses for business nationwide for over 20 years.

Two For One French Courses This Season!

This month we’re making it easier for you to speak impeccably.

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Our Account Managers will help you find the perfect structure for your French course for you and your +1.
Book a course with us before the end of this month and take advantage of our Two-for-One Offer.
For any French course, you book, that is over 30 hours you can invite a colleague or friend to join in at no additional cost.*

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Master professional French with bespoke courses

Whether an intensive French course is required, or group language training is required for your whole team to learn French, SIMON & SIMON are here to ensure you reach your language training goals.

You will have access to an extensive network of teachers across all of London and UK. Most of them are native speakers and they have an average of 15 years’ experience in teaching.

French courses are open to both, businesses and private learners in Greenwich. While we specialise in language training for professional contexts, your dedicated Account Manager will tailor an French language course to match your experience and your personal language objectives.

Choices For Your French Language Courses

The first step in choosing your French language course will be to have a discussion with one of our passionate, multi-lingual Account Managers so we can find out what your needs are. Here are a few of the things you may need to discuss:

Do you want French courses 1-to-1 or for a group?

Besides any custom arrangements we have, your course will usually be either 1:1 or a group session.

We typically see 1:1 language courses resulting in faster progress than group sessions. This is because we can tailor your French language course to your individual needs, rather than having to create a course that satisfies the requirements of the entire group. It also means that teachers can focus directly on your particular weaknesses.

Groups can be useful for learners to support each other, but we do suggest that you do not book groups bigger than 6.

Even in group sessions, however, our experienced Account Managers will tailor the course to the needs of the team.

Where And When Should Your Courses Take Place?

The location and schedule of your French language lessons is entirely up to you. Our solutions are all entirely flexible to match the schedule of you and/or your team.

Together, you and your Account Manager will come up with an French language training schedule that will be suitable for the learners to reach their goals.

That may be 1 hour a week lessons or it could be an intensive French course that crams 30 hours into the week. We generally conduct courses at your office, but our French teachers are flexible, and we can conduct your training at your home, online over Skype, or at our facilities in Greenwich.

Most courses are available between 08:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday, but weekends can be negotiated with the teacher.

What French Skills Are You Looking To Improve?

You can select one of our business French courses that focus on writing and presentation skills, pronunciation and/or exam preparation. If you need to improve your language skills as part of your job, or are an employer seeking French training for your staff, then we can tailor your course to your specific needs.

Your course can be tailored to improve your skills when discussing business areas such as law, banking, finance, insurance, sales, travel, marketing, and administration. Or you may want to focus on improving your French for meetings, discussions and negotiations, or to concentrate on improving your listening comprehension, pronunciation and telephone skills.

We can assist with French language examination courses too. Not only in preparation for them, but also in the registration, administration and certification processes. We boast a 95% pass rate – a demonstration of the value of personalised and experienced French language training.

What Level of Training Do You Need?

Before you or your learners begin, we will conduct a pre-course assessment so we can understand what level you are at, and what is required to achieve the level you are aiming for in the time frame you have specified.

Our Account Managers will then work with your French teachers to provide a plan for your bespoke course.

The table below is based on recognised language levels used by various academic institutions across the European Union. A highly motivated student attending weekly sessions with their French language trainer can expect to move from one level to another after 50 hours providing they also commit to a similar number of hours of self-study.

Of course, some people find learning languages easier than others, and some students will have more opportunities to practise French in the course of their work and leisure, so these factors also need to be considered when trying to assess how long it will take to move from one level to another.

Assess Your French Level

Fees & proposals for French language courses

To find out the fees and to get a tailored French language course proposal you can either call us on 020 7821 0999 or use the button below to send us an enquiry.

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More About The French Language:

French is spoken by 80 million native speakers and has a total number of speakers of 220 million people. It is a Romance language, descending from Latin and evolving heavily over the decades. It is the official language in 29 countries.

French is the world’s second most studied foreign language and is considered a language of business in the following markets:

  • Belgium
  • Cameroon
  • Canada
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Gabon
  • Ivory Coast
  • Luxembourg
  • Madagascar
  • Mali
  • Rwanda
  • Senegal
  • Seychelles
  • Switzerland
  • Togo

Popular locations for French Courses with SIMON & SIMON

We offer French Courses in locations around the world. The following are some of our most popular locations:

Our French language services also include:

  • the support of our multi-lingual team of account managers
  • pre-course language assessments and course needs analysis
  • trainer profiles, course plans, progress reports and course evaluations
  • purchase and delivery of language course materials
  • registration and preparation for language examinations
  • comprehensive reports on student attendance and progress
  • regular account reviews with HR/learning & development personnel
  • password access to ‘monitor’ – our industry leading online reporting system
  • translation & interpreting service
  • "We are happy to recommend SIMON & SIMON their use of quality trainers in the UK and abroad ensures our students receive excellent training, and their personal approach to account management is very reassuring as they are always available and attentive to the clients requirements."

    Jayne, Personnel & Training, Multinational construction company

  • "I would like to mention that Olga is an excellent Russian teacher. Her lessons are really fun, she is great at explaining language points, her general cultural knowledge is awesome and she does a tremendous amount of preparatory work."

    Gavin, Associate Director, Multinational banking group

  • "SIMON & SIMON is extremely professional and detail conscious... They provide excellent reports on student progress which enable us to make better informed decisions."

    Lisa, Training and Development Manager, Cosmetics company

  • "The information they provide makes it easy for our managers to keep track of each student's commitment and progress and identifies how they can save money and better focus on their investment in language training."

    Toby, Training Manager, Multinational engineering conglomerate

  • "This was an excellent session. Very excited for this and Anette is an excellent teacher! Very happy to have finally started this."

    Michael, Associate, Multinational law firm

  • "The course is going very well. Sue is an extraordinary teacher and I have improved very much thanks to her lessons."

    Luca, Software Development Engineer, Semiconductor suppliers

Two For One French Courses This Season!

This month we’re making it easier for you to speak impeccably.

 Enquire Now 

Our Account Managers will help you find the perfect structure for your French course for you and your +1.
Book a course with us before the end of this month and take advantage of our Two-for-One Offer.
For any French course, you book, that is over 30 hours you can invite a colleague or friend to join in at no additional cost.*

*Limited Availability

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