English Courses for Business in Norwich

SIMON & SIMON offers English language courses in Norwich to both professionals and non-professionals alike. SIMON & SIMON’s team of English language trainers are made up of native speakers who on average have 15 years of experience teaching the language, as they are all fully qualified teachers.

Fully tailored to your specific needs.

Your Norwich English course will be tailored to your specific needs, based on your individual requirements, goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Whether you are a newcomer to the English language or are looking to sharpen your existing skills for business purposes, we have the solutions to suit you. Of this we are certain, thanks to the constant positive feedback we receive regarding our tutors. And, to ensure that we pair you with the right tutor for your specific needs, we will send you a profile on your tutor’s experience and background before you begin your course.

English teaching has progressed a great deal in recent years, and your business English course in Norwich will reflect this. We use a tactic known as the Communicative Approach, in which the majority of your course is taught in your target language. This and other approaches not only make the learning experience more enjoyable, but ensure that it is highly effective. Ours is a candidate for the finest English course Norwich has to offer and will soon have you speaking English confidently in a variety of social and professional situations.

In depth: Our English Courses in Norwich

1:1 and Group English Courses in Norwich

We offer our English courses in Norwich in either a one-on-one or a group basis. Group lessons can be great value, and we keep our group numbers to six or less to ensure that each member receives quality time with the tutor. Our 1:1 students, however, do progress faster as we can create bespoke lessons for their needs.

English Course Management

We have a team of highly experienced, dedicated account managers at SIMON&SIMON, who are all multi-lingual. One of these account managers will oversee your course during your time with us, and will monitor your development, sending you progress reports after every 30 or 40 hours of training. Your account manager will also send you your tutor’s profile before you begin your course, as well as sending you your course material and course plan.

English Course Locations & Schedules

We have a large network of tutors across the globe. This allows us to offer lessons in many European cities, and others throughout the world. We strive to make your lessons as convenient as possible, and want to reduce your need to travel. This is why we can arrange lessons at your workplace or even at your own home. To learn more about our location options, please contact our London office on 020 7821 0999.

Norwich English Course Schedules

Our English courses are year-round and can be scheduled at times that suit you. Our hours of operation are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, but we can accommodate weekend lessons upon request. Most of our students take at least a single 90-minute class per week, though many will take more than this if they are able. If you would like an intensive course, we offer a course that covers 30 hours per week, 6 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Lessons can be scheduled at your workplace or a Norwich residential centre – whichever is more convenient for you.

English Course Content

Your English course content will depend on your specific needs as an English student. Perhaps you would like to learn English for travel purposes, or maybe you want to increase your current level of English to incorporate business English for use in professional settings. We will assess your current level of English and your desired outcomes and design a course that will help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

English Language Examination Courses

We are able to help you with preparation work for upcoming English language examinations. Thanks to our tutors’ exemplary experience, a staggering 95 percent of our students pass their examinations. And, in addition to preparation assistance, we can also help with exam registration, administration of the exam, and the issuing of results.

About English

English developed from the Germanic languages spoken by the Anglo-Saxon settlers of the 5th century AD, and later spread into what is now south-east Scotland through the expansion of the kingdom of Northumbria. Over the years, it spread throughout the globe as a result of the 18th century British Empire and its influence on politics, economics, warfare, science, and culture. Through similar influences, the United States helped expand the use of English in the 20th century. As a result, English is widely spoken as a first or second language around the world, and is the lingua franca for international communication. Only Mandarin Chinese and Spanish have more global native speakers than English.

About Norwich

Norwich is a city in England. It is the regional administrative centre and county town of Norfolk. During the 11th century, Norwich was the second largest city in England, after London, and one of the most important places in the kingdom. The built up area of Norwich has a population of 259,100. This area extends beyond the city boundary, with extensive suburban areas on the western, northern and eastern sides, including Costessey, Hellesdon, Old Catton, Sprowston and Thorpe St Andrew.

The parliamentary seats cross over into adjacent local government districts. 135,800 (2008 est.) people live in the City of Norwich and the population of the Norwich Travel to Work Area (i.e. the area of Norwich in which most people both live and work) is 367,035 (the 1991 figure was 351,340). Norwich is the fourth most densely populated local government district within the East of England with 3,480 people per square kilometre (8,993 per square mile).

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