English Courses for Business in Newcastle

Designed and customised around the individual students’ needs and requirements, SIMON & SIMON’s English Courses in Newcastle are taught by a team of highly qualified native English speakers, who on average hold more than 15 years of experience.

Fully Tailored to Your Specific Needs

At SIMON&SIMON we tailor our English courses in Newcastle to suit the needs specific to each of our students. We evaluate your level of English as well as your strengths and weaknesses as a speaker and we use those factors to design a custom course specifically for you. We receive constant positive feedback on our tutors, and we use their skills in creating a course that will help you in your language goals. To ensure that we have placed you in good hands, we send you a profile on your tutor that details his or her experience and background.

Much has changed in the field of language learning, and you will find that your Newcastle English course is considerably more rewarding and enjoyable than anything you would have experienced at school. Part of this is as a result of the Communicative Approach, in which we teach the majority of your course in English. Thanks to this and the guidance of your tutor, you will soon be confident enough to speak English in a variety of settings ranging from casual to professional.

In depth: Our English Courses for Business in Newcastle

1:1 and Group English Courses in Newcastle

We offer our Newcastle English courses on either one-on-one or a group basis. Students opting for one-on-one lessons tend to make better progress as we can better tailor lessons to their needs, though group sessions can be exceptionally valuable. We limit groups to 6 students or fewer so as to ensure that each student receives a fair amount of attention.

English Course Management

While with SIMON&SIMON you will be in the capable hands of one of our highly professional, experienced, multi-lingual Account Managers. It will be the responsibility of your Account Manager to send you your tutor’s profile prior to your beginning your course. Your Account Manager will also send you your course plan, materials for your course, and progress reports for each 30 to 40 hours of study.

English Course Locations & Schedules

At SIMON&SIMON we have a global network of tutors, which allows us to offer our services in many European locations and select cities across the world. Lessons cater to your convenience, and can thus be held at your workplace or even in the comfort of your home. For more on our service’s locations, please contact our London office on 020 7821 0999.

Newcastle English Course Schedules

We run our courses throughout the year for your convenience. Our hours of operation are 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, though we can arrange weekend lessons if necessary. You are invited to take lessons according to what your schedule will allow, though most of our students make the most progress by taking at least one 90-minute lesson weekly. We also offer more intensive courses, which may also be held at your home or place of work. Our intensive course consists of 30 hours per week, Monday to Friday, and is split into 6 hours per day.

English Course Content

Before you begin your English course we will determine your current level of proficiency in English and we will discuss your goals with you. With regards to your goals, you might wish to learn basic English for conversational purposes. Conversely, you may wish to enhance your understanding of English for business purposes. In either case, we will tailor your course content to help you reach your desired outcomes quickly and effectively.

English Language Examination Courses

At SIMON&SIMON we are able to offer specialised courses designed for examination preparation, and our proficiency is such that our tutors have helped our students achieve a 95% pass-rate. If you need assistance for an English examination of any kind, we can provide expert support. Furthermore, we offer examination registration and administration as well as the ability to issue results following the examination.

About English

The English Language as we know it actually arose from the West Germanic languages spoken by the Anglo-Saxons that came to Britain around the 5th century AD. It underwent several changes as it spread throughout the medieval kingdom of Northumbria and evolved over the years to finally become the language we speak today. English was made popular the world over as a result of the British Empire and its political, military, colonial, cultural, and scientific impact in the 18th century. It was further popularised by the United States’ influence in the same fields half way through the 20th century. This resulted in English being widely spoken as both a native and a second language across the globe, and being used as a common language for international dialogue. English is so popular today that its native speakers are only outnumbered by the native speakers of Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

About Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne is a city and metropolitan borough of Tyne and Wear, in North East England. Situated on the north bank of the River Tyne, the city developed in the area that was the location of the Roman settlement called Pons Aelius, though it owes its name to the castle built in 1080, by Robert II, Duke of Normandy, the eldest son of William the Conqueror.

The city grew as an important centre for the wool trade and it later became a major coal mining area. The port developed in the 16th century and, along with the shipyards lower down the river, was amongst the world’s largest shipbuilding and ship-repairing centres. These industries have since experienced severe decline and closure, and the city today is largely a business and cultural centre, with a particular reputation for nightlife.

Like most cities, Newcastle has a diverse cross section, from areas of poverty to areas of affluence. Among its main icons are Newcastle Brown Ale, a leading brand of beer, Newcastle United F.C., a Premier League team, and the Tyne Bridge. It has hosted the world’s most popular half marathon, the Great North Run, since it began in 1981.

The city is the twentieth most populous urban area in England; the larger Tyneside conurbation, of which Newcastle forms part, is the sixth most populous conurbation in the United Kingdom. Newcastle is a member of the English Core Cities Group and with Gateshead the Eurocities network of European cities.

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