English Courses for Business in Huddersfield

SIMON & SIMON offers English language courses in Huddersfield to both professionals and non-professionals alike. SIMON & SIMON’s team of English language trainers are made up of native speakers who on average have 15 years of experience teaching the language, as they are all fully qualified teachers.

Fully tailored to your specific needs.

You stand to make the best progress if your English course content is designed to meet your individual requirements. This is precisely why we tailor our English courses in Huddersfield to your specific needs, taking your language strengths and weaknesses into account. What’s more, we will assign you one of our highly experienced tutors and send you a profile on your tutor’s background and merits before you begin your course. Owing to the scores of positive feedback we receive with regards to our tutors, we are confident that you will be happy with our choice.

Language learning has progressed exponentially in recent years. So, if your last experience of it was during your school career, you will be happy to know that we employ techniques designed to be far more enjoyable and for more effective than you have witnessed in the past. One such technique is the communicative approach, wherein we will teach the majority of your course in English, thereby stimulating your ability to adapt to the language. Through this approach and other techniques, you will make genuine progress from your first lesson and soon have the skills to speak English with confidence in business and social environments.

In depth: Our English Courses in Huddersfield

1:1 and Group English Courses in Huddersfield

At SIMON & SIMON we offer courses on both an individual or group basis. We find that our students who take 1:1 lessons make the most progress, as this allows us to tailor the course to their individual requirements. However, group courses do offer certain benefits in terms of affordability and English conversation practice. Group lessons require dedication and organisation, so we ask that groups be limited to six people. This also allows us to devote sufficient time to each student.

English Course Management

One of our impeccably experienced, multi-lingual Account Managers will oversee your English language course. Your Account Manager will send you your tutor’s profile before you begin your course, as well as sending you your course plan and course materials. In addition, your Account Manager will monitor your progress and send you to progress reports after every 30 or 40 hours of training that you complete.

English Course Locations & Schedules

We have generated a vast network of language tutors that allows us to offer English lessons in many major cities throughout the UK and Europe, and select cities across the world. To eliminate your need to travel, we can arrange these lessons at your office or even your home. Please contact our UK office on 020 7821 0999 for more information on the locations we offer.

Huddersfield English Course Schedules

Our English courses in Huddersfield run all year long, which means that you can choose a schedule that suits you. However, our students make the most progress when booking at least a single 90-minute lesson per week. We offer lessons from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, but we can accommodate lessons on the weekends if required. Our intensive course consists of 6-hour lessons from Monday to Friday, equalling 30 hours of English training per week. These lessons can be held at your home or at a residential centre in Huddersfield.

English Course Content

Prior to your course we will assess you on your current level of English and help you determine your goals. You might, for instance, want to improve your English for use in the workplace – learning terminology required for marketing, finance, etc. – or you might wish to learn English for conversational purposes. Whatever your goals, our tutors will tailor your course content in line with your desired outcomes.

English Language Examination Courses

If you need to take an examination for business or conversational English, SIMON & SIMON have the resources to help you prepare. In light of our students’ 95% pass rate, we are more than confident that our tutors offer ideal guidance in this respect. And, to make your experience that much simpler, we can also register and administer the examination for you. After you write the exam, we are able to issue your results.

About English

English originated from the West Germanic languages spoken by the European settlers who came to Britain around the 5th century AD. Following several stages of development, the language we speak today was spread throughout the world under the cultural, economic, military, political, and scientific influence of the British Empire in the 18th century. This was compounded by the US’s influence in similar fields in the middle of the 20th century. As a result, English is the language commonly used in international spoken communication. It is an official language in many Commonwealth and EU countries, and is widely learned as a second language, putting it third on the list of most-spoken native languages following Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

About Huddersfield

Huddersfield is a large market town within the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, in West Yorkshire, England, situated halfway between Leeds and Manchester. It lies 190 miles (310 km) north of London, and 10.3 miles (16.6 km) south of Bradford, the nearest city. Huddersfield is near the confluence of the River Colne and the River Holme. Located within the historic county boundaries of the West Riding of Yorkshire, according to the 2001 Census it was the 10th largest town in the UK and with a total resident population of 146,234. It is the largest urban area in the metropolitan borough of Kirklees and the administrative centre of the borough.

The town is well known for its important role in the Industrial Revolution, the birthplace of rugby league and for being the birthplace of the late British Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Huddersfield today is a town of higher education, the media and sports, being home to the rugby league team, Huddersfield Giants, founded in 1895, who currently play in the European Super League and Football League One football team Huddersfield Town F.C., founded in 1908. The town is home to the University of Huddersfield and the sixth form colleges Greenhead College and Kirklees College. Huddersfield is a town of Victorian architecture. Huddersfield railway station is a Grade I listed building and was described by John Betjeman as ‘the most splendid station facade in England’ second only to St Pancras, London.

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