English Courses for Business in Chester

SIMON & SIMON offers English language courses in Chester to both professionals and non-professionals alike. SIMON & SIMON’s team of English language trainers are made up of native speakers who on average have 15 years of experience teaching the language, as they are all fully qualified teachers.

Fully tailored to your specific needs.

Because we believe in focussing on the specific needs of our students, our English courses in Chester are tailored to suit their individual strengths and weaknesses. This personalisation leads to faster progress and a better understanding of English overall. Regardless of your level of English, we design your course based on your needs, and give you the right tutor to guide you to fluency. On this front, we’ll send you a profile of your intended tutor, featuring information on his or her background and experience, prior to your course.

Your course will be taught mainly in English to stimulate your natural ability to adapt to the language through experience. We call this the communicative approach. Through this, and course material designed to be interesting and enjoyable, you will find yourself making noticeable progress from your very first lesson. We are confident of this fact on account of the positive feedback we continue to receive from our students.

In depth: Our English Courses in Chester

1:1 and Group English Courses in Chester

At SIMON & SIMON we cater for individuals as well as groups. Most of our students prefer 1:1 as this allows us to accommodate their specific needs and give them all of our attention. However, group sessions do offer their own benefits, provided the group number does not exceed 6 people. This way, we can still provide attention to each individual in the group.

English Course Management

In order to ensure that your course stays on track, we will provide you with an Account Manager. All multi-lingual and highly talented, our Account Managers send you your tutor’s profile, your course plan and materials, and a progress report after every 30 to 40 hours of learning.

English Course Locations & Schedules

We are able to assist language learners in most European cities and many other cities throughout the world. And, in the interest of comfort, we can arrange lessons either from your home or from your office. For more on our global network, please contact us on 020 7821 0999.

Chester English Course Schedules

We won’t pressure you into any particular schedule. We run our courses throughout the year and let you choose the schedule that is best for you, though many students opt for at least one or two 90-minute lessons per week. If you would like a more in-depth course, this consists of 6-hour sessions each week day, totalling 30 hours per week. But, the choice is yours. We typically work between 8am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday, though weekend lessons can be organised upon request.

English Course Content

Your goal wish to take up an English course for business in Chester, or you might want to learn it for leisure. In either case, we will assess your level of English prior to your course in order to tailor your course to your specific needs. We will then choose the right tutor to help your reach your goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

English Language Examination Courses

If you need to prepare for an upcoming examination, we can help you with this, too. Aside from offering preparation guidance through our experienced and knowledgeable teachers, we can register you for the exam, administer the exam, and provide your results following your writing the exam.

About English

English is an offshoot of the West Germanic languages spoken in England by the Anglo-Saxons. This spread across the kingdom of Northumbria to what is now South-East Scotland. Many years later, Britain’s influence in the fields of politics, culture, science, and warfare led to the spread of English throughout the world. This was spurred on by the United States’ influence in similar fields in the 20th century. English is now the main language of international communication and follows only Mandarin Chinese and Spanish in terms of global speakers.

About Chester

Chester is a city in Cheshire, England. Lying on the River Dee, close to the border with Wales, it is home to 77,040 inhabitants, and is the largest and most populous settlement of the wider unitary authority area of Cheshire West and Chester, which had a population of 328,100 according to the 2001 Census. Chester was granted city status in 1541. Chester was founded as a “castrum” or Roman fort with the name Deva Victrix in the year 79 by the Roman Legio II Adiutrix during the reign of the Emperor Vespasian. Chester’s four main roads, Eastgate, Northgate, Watergate and Bridge, follow routes laid out at this time – almost 2,000 years ago. One of the three main Roman army bases, Deva later became a major settlement in the Roman province of Britannia. After the Romans left in the 5th century, the Saxons fortified the town against the Danes and gave Chester its name. The patron saint of Chester, Werburgh, is buried in Chester Cathedral.

Chester was one of the last towns in England to fall to the Normans in the Norman conquest of England. William the Conqueror ordered the construction of a castle, to dominate the town and the nearby Welsh border. In 1071 he created Hugh d’Avranches, the 1st Earl of Chester. Chester has a number of medieval buildings, but some of the black-and-white buildings within the city centre are actually Victorian restorations.

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