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Language training for business, whether you’re part of a team of 1 or 100, doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. SIMON’s corporate language training team can create a solution that perfectly fits your requirements and budget. For a quote, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with more info.

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Corporate Language Training with Simon and Simon

Our corporate language courses can help improve your employees language skills to the level they need to communicate effectively and efficiently with your clients. Regardless of your market, or required language, we have a tailored language training course to suit your needs.

Your dedicated account manager will be a native speaker in the language your employees are learning to speak, and will have a minimum of 5 years experience in language training. So whether you are looking for one to one sessions for your employees, or group online learning, we can help.

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Corporate language courses at your convenience

Our passion is helping organisations and individuals achieve effective use of language skills, so if your company is thinking of investing in language training or looking for a new language provider then we would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements.

We often work directly with HR Directors and HR Managers. We help ensure that the people in their charge are getting the language courses for business and cultural training they need to do their jobs.

We have years of experience and best practice behind us to ensure that your company’s valuable HR budget for business language training courses returns the greatest value.

Particularly, we have special, bespoke costings for teams within organisations, which we will be happy to discuss with you.

If you would like to ensure that SIMON & SIMON is right for your organisation, feel free to submit an enquiry so we can start a discussion on how best we can deliver training to your business.

Why SIMON & SIMON’s training solutions are perfect for your business:

  • Invoice payment terms to suit your business
  • Tailored to your team’s specific language challenges
  • In your office, at our centre in Central London, or blended learning & online language learning options available
  • Detailed reporting including KPIs
  • All teachers are native speakers and have a minimum of 5 years teaching experience

For more information on your chosen language course use this calculator and we’ll be in touch with an exact quote within 1 business day.

Corporate Language Training Cost Calculator

Specialised Courses

For information on our range of Professional Courses:

  • 1 to 1 Language Training
    Personal language training sessions allow your individual needs, weaknesses and strengths to be catered for.
  • Group Language Courses
    Perfect for a collection of individuals who require training in the same language.
  • Cross-Cultural Training
    Beyond just learning the language, Cross-Cultural Training is critical when navigating a new country or culture.
  • Pronunciation Training
    Master the effective pronunciation of sounds and appropriate syllable stress, sentence stress and intonation so you can become a clearer speaker.

The Benefits of Corporate Language Training

By improving your employees’ language capabilities, you open your business up to a diverse range of potential international markets. Also, by undertaking our expert training in your target language from our experienced trainers, you can work around your team’s busy schedules to either learn online or face-to-face, building skills in a way that suits you.

Some key business benefits of corporate language training include:

Enhancing business relationships with key international clients and partners.

Attracting potential new customers who do business in your learned language.

Boosting employee self-confidence in their ability to speak a foreign language to global audiences.

Cutting costs needed to hire new staff with language training or translation services.

To reap the benefits of a powerful language training programme, contact us today.

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I opened up an enquiry with Simon and Simon to arrange intensive language training as a private individual. Due to personal circumstances, I ended up not following through on my language training plans. However, the customer service I received was so positive that I'm taking the time to write this review. From the start, Simon and Simon were quick to respond and were highly communicative. Much better than the other language training companies I approached in London. I had the pleasure of corresponding with Liezl Dennis who was in charge of arrange my language training. Liezl was communicative, a pleasure to speak with over the phone, and was patient in finding different possible courses of training for me as I hesitated over which was the best option. Thanks to this kind of customer service, it is likely that I'll be back in future. Thank you Liezl and the Simon and Simon team.
Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones
A skilful and friendly team of worldwide language trainers, fantastic to learn from
gao genie
gao genie
Professional teachers
Daniel Reeves
Daniel Reeves
Great team to work with!
Andy Stephens
Andy Stephens
Outstanding, professional teachers and a great support team!
Tarek Bahig
Tarek Bahig
Competent teachers and professional service. Thank you
Danielle Rezende
Danielle Rezende
I feel honoured to work with such efficient and hard-working colleagues and such qualified teachers.
Louise Knopp Ward
Louise Knopp Ward
Lovely place to work; great team with a strong sense of purpose. Teachers are professional and organised - the whole company really pulls together.
Rachel Maddock
Rachel Maddock
Simon and Simon is a wonderful place to work, every member of the team is friendly, helpful, supportive and shows dedication.
roberta borrasso
roberta borrasso
Highly qualified and experienced language trainers worldwide, good quality/price ratio and a great attention for the client guarantees you an outstanding learning experience.

Whether your company needs business language courses for individual executives or for an entire team, call SIMON & SIMON today on 020 7821 0999 to discuss how we can meet your requirements.

Alternatively, you can fill in our short enquiry form and receive a customised proposal with investment levels based on your requirements.

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Corporate Language Training FAQs


What is language training?

Corporate language training aims to increase both the staff’s and businesses’ linguistic proficiency. Courses are designed to assist students become fluent in a foreign language so they can speak with their co-workers, business partners, and clients on both a professional and personal level.
At SIMON & SIMON, we provide a range of corporate training for maximum progress in the development of business language. Our group training sessions and group classes can either be done via virtual classes or face to face training for any language level.

What is an example of language learning in business?

The way corporate language training is taught today is not communicative. It is the end outcome of specific language rules training.
The ability to communicate effectively in the workplace requires a variety of language skills. These abilities cover fundamental communication strategies like active listening as well as relationship-building strategies like negotiation and networking.

What are the goals of language learning?

There are several objectives for learning a language, most of which are chosen by the learner. There are other commonalities. Self-growth, cognitive development, and the ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds are all objectives of the overall educational strategy in developing language skills.

What communication skills are necessary in business?

Since it increases employee morale, commitment, productivity, and satisfaction, communication in the workplace is crucial. For improved teamwork and cooperation, communication and group training is also essential. Effective workplace communication ultimately contributes to improved performance for individuals, teams, and organisations.

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