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Why Learn A Second or Third Language?

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Myth: People can speak English everywhere in the world

For those who are questioning why one would want to learn another language, it is unimportant whether it is your second, third or even your fourth one. It is ultimately a huge myth that people can speak English throughout the world. According to UNESCO, there are about 7000 languages spoken throughout the world, of which, English is just one.

Learning another language is more than just piling a series of new sounds together. It is about expanding your horizons and seeing the world through the eyes of a different culture.

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You can discover and take delight in the funny quirks and cultural nuances through different concepts and interpretations of the little and bigger things in life, the ways of thinking other people have. So why not open your eyes in this fashion and see the bigger picture?

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And then there is understanding and the breaking down of barriers between yourselves and your colleagues abroad. This only can serve to boost your company and employee productivity and their enjoyment in what they do. Hence, boosted productivity can mean greater profits and more deals won.

Language and cultural training therefore is an ideal business development investment and should never be overlooked. Should you decide to invest in this, you will reap the rewards and see a positive impact on your company fortune and staff satisfaction.

If you think it would make sense to speak about implementing language training for employees in your business, click here to talk to one of our Account Managers to discuss how we can help.

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  1. Rachel M - 27th January 2021 at 11:24 am

    I really enjoyed learning Italian recently because it opened up my eyes to the ins and outs of Italian culture and the dos and don’ts. I was surprised by how learning to speak it, so people would understand me, also gave me an insight into the Italian life.

    And now i am excited to do the same thing with German and see what I can discover about German culture.

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