21 December 2022

Why is Language Learning Important in Business?

Any organisation must have effective communication if it is to achieve its goals and have positive working relationships with both internal stakeholders and external clients. In order to communicate across cultures, language is crucial. It permeates every area of a global corporation and enables business owners to take advantage of a completely new range of options.

The ability to speak more than one language will continue to be useful as new technologies expand access to international commerce. Your international corporation’s capacity to operate successfully can be significantly impacted by linguistic disparities, and learning a foreign language can help your business expand into more markets. So what are the advantages of learning a new language for business?

Benefits of language learning for business

Communication skills

In the business sector, we are constantly searching for fresh approaches to enhance the communication we have with one another and our customers. The ability to communicate more effectively and establish cross-cultural connections with customers and staff whose native language may not be the same can be improved by learning new languages for business.

Sharing a second language facilitates the development of culturally stronger personal relationships and, eventually, collaborations and business connections with international clients since individuals tend to connect more deeply with those they identify with.

Many foreign firms still struggle with translation, which may be very confusing when specific phrases or sentence structures are mistranslated. Instead of relying on a translator or translation services, speaking a customer’s native tongue fluently offers the chance to make contextual connections and gain a deeper understanding of the client, their company, and their messaging.

Understanding another culture and mastering a second language might assist avoid misunderstandings brought on by prejudice and bias.

Global and digital market expansion

The business owner is in a unique position to take advantage of global marketplaces and gain a more strategic grasp of the culture, which is essential to construct better strategies for growing your business abroad, if you have someone on your staff who speaks many languages. By displaying an interest in their culture and a commitment to their language, it can also aid in the development of better client connections.

Companies that can effectively communicate across cultures have an advantage over rivals because they can focus more time and resources on running their operations rather than resolving communication problems.

As many businesses make the step into digital transformation, it’s imperative that users all around the world can access a website in their local language. The graph below shows the percentages of internet users and what language they speak.

Source: World Economic Forum

As you can see, the majority of internet users speak English, however there is a wide range of other languages that would be beneficial to an online business.

Creative and diverse opportunities

Language hurdles still exist, restricting business chances for collaboration and growth across countries even if our world is, in some ways, expanding every day. By bridging the cultural divide, multilingualism creates more favourable conditions for collaborations, international business ventures, and the growth of foreign offices.

If your team doesn’t seem to be capable of speaking foreign languages fluently, try learning a few key expressions to help you connect with your consumers and bridge the language gap.

In the business sector, it is crucial to be able to understand and communicate with your clients, coworkers, and employees. The search for knowledge and business expansion both depend on language. Organisations looking to gain a competitive edge in the global market must comprehend how globalisation affects cross-cultural communication.

Encouragement of foreign language study among staff is a technique that can have measurable and significant advantages for your firm as a business owner and leader in any field.

Stand out in the job market

Learning languages gives you access to a wide selection of employment prospects. Your ability to speak a second language gives you a significant advantage in the job market because there is an increasing need for bilingual and multilingual individuals in a variety of industries, including marketing, banking, law, and other professions.

Additionally, you’ll have access to careers like translation, interpreting, and teaching languages, all of which by definition call for fluency in a second language.

Some jobs may require language proficiency if you’re interested in working abroad. Even if you aren’t required to be able to speak the language in order to get employment, being able to communicate with people and not be held back by a language barrier will undoubtedly make the adjustment easier.

Language learning for business FAQs

Which foreign language has more job opportunities?

The foreign language most in demand by employers is regularly shown to be Mandarin Chinese. In the upcoming years, this tendency appears to be expected to gain momentum. With over 1.1 billion native speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the most frequently spoken native language in the world.

How can languages help in your career?

Learning a language helps you acquire transferrable abilities, such as the capacity for creative thought, community building, and cross-cultural and cross-identity communication. Language skills enable us to express ourselves and learn more about who we are.

What skills can languages bring you that employers value?

Employers admire linguists for the variety of additional talents they bring to the table, including communication abilities (particularly listening skills), research and analytical skills, and, most significantly, experience studying or working abroad and the intercultural skills that comes with it.

Looking for online foreign language classes?

To learn more about how taking one of our language courses might aid in your company’s global expansion, get in touch with us right away.

We can work with you to develop a special language-learning plan for your business and provide cross-cultural training to make it simpler for you to connect with your international co-workers, whether online or in person. Any of our live online courses are available to you. And if your CV mentions a less often utilised language or multiple languages, your skills may seem even more impressive.

For more information about our Professional Business Language Courses, please contact us today!

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