28 November 2022

What is the best business language to learn?

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Only a few decades ago, English was the primary language you needed to speak in business. However, circumstances have changed; we now operate in a truly global economy, and new economic superpowers are emerging.

The extent to which we interact online in a global marketplace could be a drawback. Even a few phrases in a foreign language that is useful for business can show how serious you are about expanding your global market share. Learning a widely spoken language can set you apart from your rivals as the one who is willing to go above and beyond.

Speaking to prospective consumers, customers, and business partners in their native language helps reduce linguistic and cultural barriers, show respect, and foster trust. Additionally, research reveals that 79% of consumers prefer to buy products from websites that provide information in their native tongue, while 40% would never buy from companies that are not in more than one official language.

Here, we’ll discuss what is the best business language to learn to get you on your way to global success!

The 5 best languages to learn

The top 5 best languages to learn for business have been revealed to be are:

Spanish language

It is not surprising that Spanish is at the top of the list of languages to learn since it is the second most spoken language after Mandarin. 

This year, having Spanish-language versions of your content will help you reach audiences in Spain, Latin American nations like Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, and even the United States, where an estimated 37.6 million people speak Spanish as their first language. Spanish is also very significant because of the second-largest economy in the world and the expected doubling of the Hispanic population by 2050.

Mandarin Chinese language

Even though China is home to the majority of speakers, the need for businesses to have Chinese-speaking team members is growing as China seizes the spotlight as a major player in the business world. Due to this, there are now 35% more global corporations looking for executives who speak Mandarin than in prior years.

The second most used language on the internet is likewise Mandarin. It is anticipated that it will soon overtake English as the most popular internet language as online sales rise each year.

Arabic language

Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world since it is the official language of so many nations. Furthermore, with more people in the Middle East having access to and using the Internet and many of them knowing only Arabic, there will likely be an increase in the translation of online content over the next few years.

Russian language 

Russia has been named as one of the four major international powers whose influence is rapidly expanding and is one of the BRIC nations. It currently has the eleventh-largest economy in the world. Russian is important for international relations, diplomacy, and trade because it is also one of the official languages of the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

French language

French’s position as the second-most spoken language in Europe is largely due to its colonial past. This language is spoken by more individuals outside of France than within it due to its history. Given that French is the most common language in various fields, learning it might be beneficial for jobs in global tourism, international business, fashion, the visual arts, and theatre.

Which language is the most profitable?

Although learning a foreign language is beneficial for everyone, some are seen as “more profitable” than others. The languages which are the most profitable are Arabic, Mandarin, Portuguese and Russian.

You may be surprised to find Portuguese on this list, but it makes sense as being one of the most important business languages due to the fact it is the national language of Brazil.

Brazil is a sizable country brimming with diversity. In the same nation, you can find opulent skyscrapers, stunning beaches, deep rainforests, and uncontacted tribal tribes.

Brazil’s natural resources have historically and financially been its biggest draws. Huge tracts of land are set aside for the cultivation of flora and animals, and the lumber from the unique trees in the vast forests is highly sought around the world.

However, because of these businesses’ conflict with the environment, Brazil has become a crucial location for groups devoted to protecting the pristine rainforest. And anyone interested in joining these groups probably has to know Portuguese (or at least greatly benefit from doing so).

What is the best language to learn for business opportunities?

Top-tier companies have been able to increase the number of customers they serve in part because their personnel can now effectively converse with consumers from other countries and are therefore more aware of their wants and needs.

Additionally, learning a new language for business expansion enables you to better understand the culture of the target market and establish stronger connections with them.

Some companies use internet translators in an effort to avoid language learning. These platforms, however, are unable to understand some linguistic quirks, such as English idioms and phrasal verbs. Furthermore, a literal translation could mislead the reader or listener or, in the worst case, make them feel offended by anything you said.

Here are some more important languages to learn for business which we haven’t already covered above:

English language

English, which already has 1.35 billion speakers, continues to be the most important language to master for business contracts. For this reason, businesses frequently spend money on corporate English training for their staff. As the closest thing we have to a worldwide language, English communication skills for your staff are of the utmost importance.

German language

Out of all the nations in Europe, Germany has the largest population. The fact that German is spoken as a first language in more than 42 nations throughout the world is even more astonishing.

Germany has a lot of promise as a location for business expansion because it is the third most profitable economy to invest in after China and the US. However, when speaking German, you must be aware of the distinction between informal and formal usage.

Japanese language

Japan has an unrivalled reputation as a manufacturing and electronics powerhouse. Additionally, the nation has a strong influence on the media (e.g., manga, anime). These factors make learning Japanese both logical and advantageous.

Each interaction, though, calls for a degree of formality that is particular to that person. When speaking to a group, it might be challenging to jump between distinct language and vocabulary. The easiest way to learn the distinctions is to re-enact various situations while being guided by a knowledgeable language tutor—something an app cannot accomplish.

Looking for expert business language training?

To learn more about how taking one of our language courses might aid in your company’s global expansion, get in touch with us right away.

We can work with you to develop a special language-learning plan for your business and provide cross-cultural training to make it simpler for you to connect with your international co-workers, whether online or in person. Any of our live online courses are available to you. Learn the best languages for business we’ve listed above with one of our many expert language tutors.

Business language FAQs

What language is most profitable to learn?

Mandarin, Russian, Arabic and Portuguese are the top four most profitable languages to learn in recent years.

However, in 2022 and beyond, English will undoubtedly rank among the most crucial languages to study. It is utilised in international trade, international travel, diplomatic relations, and computer technology. Additionally, the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK are among the nations with the largest economy in the world that speak English. With about a billion non-native English speakers worldwide, English also has the biggest number of second language speakers.

What is the best European language to learn for business?

German is your best option if you’re looking for the one global business language that can do it all. Many other European nations, including Switzerland, Belgium, and Austria, recognise German as an official language. Germany is often regarded as the region’s economic hub.

Which languages pay the most?

Mandarin and Arabic both show to be highly compensated and in high demand, while Japanese was another non-European language that came with a high income. European languages still make up the majority of the highest paid and most in-demand languages.

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