26 October 2021

The Benefits of Language Training for Employees

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Language Training Boosts Employability

From an employability perspective, language training is helpful because it opens up career opportunities across the board. Employees who don’t know another language will find themselves limited in their job prospects. They will not be able to work for most international companies or move into foreign roles. For many jobs, knowing another language is either required or preferred. Because only 38% of Brits speak a foreign language compared to 56% of Europeans, adding a second or third language to your resume is sure to boost your chances of landing opportunities in a competitive job market.

Employees taking the time to learn a new language will find it can pay off in both their careers and personal lives. They may be able to get better promotions at work because they are bilingual, and no matter what industry they choose, knowing another language opens up opportunities to live or travel abroad. 

Language Training Increases Salary

Business language training which we provide online, blended training and in-person, can boost employees salaries in a few ways. First, it can allow them to feel more comfortable while working with colleagues from other countries. If the employee is involved in an international project or work transfer, being able to communicate fluidly may lead to a promotion. Second, learning another language might help the worker stand out among their peers and impress their employers. This can lead to a raise or even a promotion. Language training can even add up to between 10%-15% to your salary.

Language Training Boosts Work Performance

Language training is beneficial for employees in the workplace. It provides better communication and understanding between employees, employers and clients, thereby increasing work performance. As such, language training helps businesses to develop their teamwork skills and boosts morale among their workforce. For example, if an employee wants to improve his or her level of English for work-related reasons, a business may need to provide Business English Language Training so that he or she can communicate better in the office. Language training also helps employees to find jobs in other countries since it enables them to speak foreign languages fluently.

Language Training Expands Horizons

Language training in a business setting gives employees a clear advantage when it comes to promotion and career development. Learning an additional language is also a valuable skill that they can take with them outside the workplace, resulting in further opportunities and wider horizons. In addition, expanding their knowledge base will add credit to the company when prospective employees are looking for work. 

Organisations can also potentially save money by engaging their employees in language training while they are still on the clock. Spending time learning a new business language will give employees the tools to excel in the workplace and beyond.

Language Training Improves Employee Loyalty 

Language training can improve employee loyalty by showing employees that their company values them. Workers that feel valued and invested in by their companies are more likely to stay loyal, increasing employee retention rates. This not only benefits the individual by giving them opportunities for advancement within their company, but also benefits the company reputation, as company reviews on sites like GlassDoor will improve as employee retention rises.

The more proactive companies are when thinking of new ways to aid the personal development of their employees, the better job satisfaction and employee loyalty will be. Happy and developing workers are more likely to stay with a company for a long time, benefitting business owners, as long-term employees are great for business.

Language Training Breaks Cultural Barriers

Language barriers present a huge problem for international businesses. The opportunity for employees to come together and share their ideas and opinions is compromised when they don’t speak the same language. Business communication is key in any company, especially multinational ones, where relationships need to be built between companies, shareholders and individuals who are involved with the business operation. Business language training is used to break down these barriers by creating a common way for employees to communicate. Business language training also breaks down cultural barriers within offices that employ bilingual or multilingual employees, allowing the workplace to embrace strong and effective communication on all levels.

Key Benefits of Business Language Training

As highlighted in this list of key benefits, business language training is highly beneficial to employees and employers alike. Employees who learn another language will find it much easier to communicate with other employees, as well as those from other countries. They will also be less likely to encounter problems such as miscommunication since they can understand the subtle nuances of certain words that would only be picked up by someone who speaks that language.

Business language training can be beneficial to employees’ day-to-day working lives too, since they can communicate more effectively with other employees, which in turn benefits the company. Employees who are fluent in another language not only have an advantage when finding jobs, but also give their employers access to large amounts of new talent. Businesses benefit by being able to hire the best talent, no matter where that person is from.

Ready to Boost Your Business Results With Expert Business Language Training?

Whether you’re a modern professional wanting to boost their business prospects, an employer that wants to arm their staff with new tools for success, or just want to learn a new language in your own time or in your workplace, we can help. Simon and Simon Corporate Language Training offer the perfect language training course to suit any team. With years of experience and success since forming in 1995, we can be trusted to ensure your staff are trained to the right level for your business needs.

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