26 October 2021

The 4 Most Profitable Languages Companies Can Learn

Most Profitable Languages

A company can profit from learning multiple languages in various ways. First of all, when a company sells their product to different countries, it can be beneficial to have knowledge of the native language to interact with clients or partners. This gives companies a strategic advantage when it comes to international markets. Also, if there are employees in many different regions then it is important that all employees can communicate using these languages. Additionally, most people believe that knowing other languages can help one’s career advancement. For example, a worker at an international business may have easier access to international transfers as they are bilingual, especially if the employee is able to communicate with most of their customers in their native language.

Though the Languages You Can Learn For Business are endless, they will differ depending on your industry. However, there are a few languages that can be especially useful (and profitable!) to learn as a contemporary business. Throughout this handy article, we will discuss the 4 most profitable languages companies can learn alongside the ins and outs of why. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Learn Arabic For Business?

Arabic can be extremely profitable to businesses as there are more than 20 countries worldwide that speak Arabic as their primary language. Most of the countries that speak Arabic are oil-producing nations, meaning they tend to be large importers and exporters of goods. This means the potential of high-profits for international companies that get to do business with them.

If your company is looking to go into business in any Arabic speaking countries worldwide, Learning Arabic For Business could be a smart and profitable decision, giving you an advantage when it comes to doing business with these international companies.

Why Learn Russian For Business?

Another extremely profitable language for businesses to learn is Russian, as Russia’s economy has been steadily growing since the fall of communism and is now one of the most powerful world economies. In addition to this, Russia maintains the second-largest number of billionaires in the world. This means that Russia can offer plenty of valuable international businessmen and companies willing to purchase products and import/export internationally.

Russian is spoken all over Russia (no surprise), Central Asia and Eastern Europe, so if you’re looking to go into business in any of these areas, Russian will be extremely helpful.

To make the most of this, companies should consider Learning Russian For Business.

Russian is currently spoken all over Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, so if you’re looking to go into business in any of these areas, the ability to communicate with Russian-speaking customers, partners or businesses could provide endless profit potential for your company. Russian-speaking businesses could also find potential profit in English speaking tourist spots, as Russian speakers often don’t speak fluent English.

Why Learn Portuguese For Business?

Portuguese is another language with great profit potential. Though Portuguese speakers tend to be based in Brazil and Portugal, these countries are so large and diverse that they offer over 200 million Portuguese speakers. In Brazil you will find luxury high-rises, dense rainforests and beautiful beaches, with the rainforests especially attracting profit-seeking organisations. Lumber from the rare rainforest trees is popular and profitable worldwide, which is why these areas are targeted by many companies. These countries also have popularity in organisations dedicated to preserving the rainforest, so if your business has links to either of these drastically opposing industries, you will greatly benefit from Learning Portuguese For Business!

An additional reason to learn Portuguese in your company is that Portuguese speakers are known to be highly appreciative of people putting in the effort to learn their language rather than simply Spanish, a much more common language for English speakers.

Why Learn Mandarin For Business?

Last on this list, but by no means least, is Mandarin — clocking in a whopping 960 million speakers worldwide. As we all know, China is a production giant and is one of the largest exporters of produce worldwide. So if you’re looking to make business connections in this country, which many large corporate companies will be, it is vital to Learn Mandarin For Business.

Due to the extremely high number of Mandarin speakers worldwide, this language can be greatly beneficial to any professional career or worker looking to relocate. Though it is a complex language to dive into from English, an Expert Mandarin Language Class should make the transition as smooth as possible.


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