The Latest Language Insights from SIMON & SIMON

15 January 2019

When dealing with customer enquiries, we all know that timing and responsiveness is key; regardless of whether you’re using your second language or not. However, the content of your message as well as the way you interact with your customers are equally important to ensure you have an engaged client who is more likely to close a deal.

08 January 2019

As the dust begins to settle on 2018, you may be giving serious thought to your plans for the year ahead. If setting new year’s resolutions helps to keep your longer-term goals on track, we have a great suggestion for your list: learning a language (or polishing up your existing skills).

04 December 2018

With the year 2019 (how sci-fi does that sound?!) just around the corner, we thought it prescient to look back at 2018 in the way we know best…linguistically!


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