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Tuning In to Different English Dialects

01 March 2022

Depending on what part of the British Isles you do the most business with – from the East End of London to the Yorkshire Dales – you may encounter some surprising new dialects full of unfamiliar terms. Local English dialects can reveal some of the most fascinating turns of phrase – the kind that can deepen your cultural understanding of different regions. However, they may also confuse English language learners in particular, especially if it starts to feel like you are learning several languages at once! In this article, we eavesdrop on a few of the most common dialects in the UK.

English Grammar: How Its Strange Rules Can Make Language Learning a Challenge

20 April 2021

To conquer a new language, you ideally need to remember all sorts of grammatical rules and regulations – including ones that make your written and spoken communications as accurate and effective as possible, which is especially important in business.
One way to help you make sense of grammar when learning a new language is to deepen your baseline understanding of your native language, which for many of us in the UK means tackling English grammar. In this article, we look at a few unusual English grammar rules head-on.

Roll Your Rs Like a Pro! Making Sense of Spanish Pronunciation

13 April 2021

Learning Spanish can have your tongue-twisting as if it is limbering up for a limerick competition. However, with a little practice, you can perfect your pronunciation in no time. In this article, we share a few useful tips to help you get your Spanish pronunciation sounding just right.

Pronunciation and Accent Reduction – Teaching Tips

26 February 2019

Pronunciation is a notoriously tricky part of language teaching and learning no matter how experienced a trainer is. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rookie right out of a teaching qualification, tackling pronunciation can be a daunting and overwhelming task. However, once you take the leap, you’ll see that ‘little and often’ really does make a difference when it comes to pronunciation.

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