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16 August 2021

English-speaking countries have always been popular as work destinations for people from around the globe. Decent pay, fair working practices and good living conditions in places such as Australia, New Zealand, America and the UK mean that these countries attract talented workers from all different parts of the world. Popular careers include jobs in hospitality, where excellent customer service is a must.

10 August 2021

In the business world, learning different languages helps maximise your opportunities for business, work, networking, and of course for travel. But sometimes it can be difficult to know which are the best languages to learn, and which are the most important languages for business.

07 July 2021

Every month this year, we will be turning our focus towards one of the core languages we love to teach – looking at the language’s potential for business, considering a few facts and figures to put its global prospects in context, plus sharing some tips to help you get started. This month, ahead of Bastille Day (France’s National Day on 14th July), we take a look at French, the language of one of our nearest European neighbours.

25 May 2021

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, as well as being the international language of business. However, many rules of the English language leave language learners scratching their heads in bafflement!

Grammar is one sticking point when it comes to learning English, but there are other obstacles that can trip up even the most determined language learner. In this article, we demystify some of the more unusual aspects of the English language that can make it seem hard to learn.

18 May 2021

Providing English communication skills can have a plethora of benefits for businesses whose employees may not speak English as their primary language, especially if they have departments such as distribution, hospitality or warehousing.

In this article we’ll emphasise the benefits for businesses considering improving their staff English communication skills.

27 April 2021

In a recent article, we wrote about words that were becoming obsolete in the English language, and many of them would be near-impossible to translate (especially the Shakespearian insults!). But what about some of the more commonly used English words that are almost impossible to translate directly to other languages without losing some of their nuance along the way?

In this article, we explore a few examples of words that you will only find in their intended form in the English language – and a couple of potentially familiar examples from Japanese too, with English doing its best to assimilate them!

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