21 June 2017

Is Language Training Actually Important for Corporate Professionals?

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The short answer is: yes. It enables companies to expand their markets and build rapport with international clients. It also ensures that employees feel able to communicate effectively with their colleagues and customers. So, essentially, it facilitates growth and builds a culture of inclusion and diversity, in which employees can perform to the best of their ability.

Growing into international markets

Expanding into international markets is a big step for any business, whether it’s aiming to strengthen its position in a current market or looking to break into new ones. A key part of making this move successful is focusing on business language training. This kind of training is essential because it helps teams communicate as effectively abroad as they do at home. It’s not just about talking to customers; it’s also about marketing, sales, and other important business areas.

Moreover, when you make the effort to speak to international clients in their own language, it shows respect and understanding. This can really help in building trust and creating strong, lasting relationships with your customers and clients.

Investing in language learning can make a big difference in how a business is received in new markets. It makes the company more approachable and relatable to a wider audience, which is crucial for success abroad.

Ensuring an inclusive culture

Within the workplace itself, language training can help non-native employees grasp the language skills they need to communicate clearly and confidently with their colleagues on a daily basis. What’s perfect about receiving business-specific language education is that it can help with communication at the workplace regardless of your general language skills.

Non-native professionals may not feel able to participate in discussions as much as they would like without language training, and may not expand on initial ideas for fear of not being able to explain them properly.

Companies should embrace an open-minded culture of improvement by investing in language training, as addressing language barriers is key to building a confident, able team. verbal communication is often a more problematic task for foreign employees, and a vocabulary-focused immersive course will help them achieve quicker results and feel more comfortable during meetings and when they have ideas to share with the team.

Empowering employees to share their ideas

Unless employees are able to express themselves confidently at work, employers cannot be sure that their full potential is being leveraged. A course focused on corporate language skills will help with problem solving at the workplace, brainstorming at meetings, and can be a good incentive for your international employees to achieve higher overall results.

Imagine an employee has a high level of expertise in data science, but they are unable to communicate their ideas to their peers – this would be immensely frustrating for the employee, and mean the company misses out on valuable insight and knowledge. Boosting their language skills will make them feel comfortable about sharing their ideas and enable them to more easily explain complex concepts to their colleagues.

These are just some of the reasons language training is so important for corporate professionals. As well as letting companies expand into new global markets, it builds up an important sense of inclusion and diversity within the workforce.

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