01 March 2018

Language Learning in the City: London’s Training Hotspots


Calling all London-based companies! If you are thinking about introducing language learning into your organisation, you may not have that far to look to find an experienced and committed language teacher near your office. We have a network of dedicated trainers dotted across the city – you might be surprised to discover just how many localised and bespoke training options we can offer your team.

In today’s blog, we thought we would share some of these training hotspots – take a look to find out if we are in your area!


A top central base for enterprising businesses, Westminster has it all – grand old architecture and smart modern offices, plus it is a hop, skip and a jump to the iconic River Thames. And all this before we even mention Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament! Westminster is the thriving heart of Central London and a fantastic office location – and if this is where you are based, we can provide language learning services on your doorstep.

The West End

Just down the road from the well-connected Westminster, the West End is a cultural, and professional nirvana. Theatres, art galleries, cinemas and museums sit alongside the head offices of some of the most influential global businesses. If you are fortunate enough to work in this stimulating environment, our team is situated nearby to help support your organisation’s language learning intentions. (We promise not to vanish into a matinee before your training session – tempting as that may be!)


This lovely location is only a tube (or boat!) ride away from the central city, and it offers peace and prosperity to the many businesses operating in the area. Greenwich is more than just a meridian point for Greenwich Mean Time – arts and entertainment venues buzz alongside maritime landmarks and museums, marking the area out as a top tourist attraction. Businesses based here can expect to find all the benefits of a city centre location balanced with the charm of Greenwich Park – maybe your next language training practice session could take place over a picnic lunch?

The fun continues at a host of other great London locations, including Kensington and Chelsea, Soho, Farringdon, Blackfriars, Bank and Tower Hamlets. Wherever your company is based, we can connect you with a highly qualified, experienced language trainer who can support your team.

Here at Simon & Simon, we make it easy for you to integrate language learning into your team’s training, enabling your organisation to strengthen its position in the global business market in a fun and accessible way. Our wide range of language courses, including English, French and German, can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your business. Contact Simon & Simon today to find out more about our courses and our language learning locations across Central London.

Language learning in London city
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Language learning in London city
Language Learning in the City: London’s Training Hotspots
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