04 April 2013

Coaching and How to Use it to Carry the Benefits of Training Back into the Business


With figures showing that companies investment in training for their employees has grown as a percentage of sales in recent years, the issue of how to ensure a maximum return on that investment is becoming key.

In many cases training is offered to groups of employees over a one or two day period, but companies often struggle to find ways to measure the real benefits and outcomes in the following weeks and months.

While it may involve some further financial investment, ongoing coaching for certain individuals over a period of weeks following the training, is increasingly acknowledged as the most effective way to ensure the learning is consolidated and tailored for the specific needs and objectives of participants. And the benefits of coaching can and do apply to pretty much any industry you can think of, whether that’s a company printing booklets or brochures, one selling wooden toys or just about anything else.

In this article aimed at those in HR and Learning & Development, Barry Tomalin outlines how ongoing coaching can be used to carry the benefits of training back into the business.

Download Barry’s Guide and feel free to share it with your colleagues and counterparts for whom it may also be useful.

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