05 March 2019

Business Language Training: Group or 1-to-1?


Your personality and learning style

Are you a good listener and a social person? A group course may be the right choice for you. Group learners benefit from interesting debates in lessons, and often learn from one another just as much as they do from listening to what the trainer has to say. You can also make good friends in your lessons, and increase your networking circle by studying with like-minded classmates.

Some learners prefer to have the full attention of a trainer, though, and benefit from being able to guide the lessons into topics of their choice, and to ask any questions without feeling like they might be disrupting other learners. If this relates to you, you might prefer to have individual lessons instead.

The focus of lessons

Whilst most aspects of language learning can be successfully learned in both a group and a 1-to-1 setting, certain areas such as accent reduction and writing skills can be more efficiently addressed in individual lessons. On the other hand, learners who want to focus on communicative skills such as public speaking, conversation, etc., often benefit from the presence of other learners in lessons.

Your ultimate goal

Are you about to go on a last-minute business trip to Moscow, but you don’t know any Russian? Looking to sharpen up your CV to apply for that dream job in Spain? Training individually with a specialist trainer will ensure you can have personalised lessons that will help you achieve what you need in a fraction of the time, compared to if you signed up for group lessons.

Your available time for lessons

For busy professionals with a tight schedule, being able to commit to a fixed weekly slot for lessons can be tricky. Consider taking 1-to-1 lessons with a flexible trainer who is open to teach you at different times each week, so you are better able to make the most of the available time you have for study. If you’re time-poor but still like the idea of studying in a group, lunch-time or evening group lessons are very popular and easier to fit into your schedule.

Before committing to group or individual training, it can be helpful to request a level assessment and needs analysis from your language provider. An experienced and qualified trainer will be able to advise you on the best way forward for your lessons, taking into consideration your strengths and areas for development, and ensure that the training provided can be tailored to your specific needs. Once that’s out of the way, enjoy your language lessons! Whether you decide to study in a group or on your own, learning a new language can improve your career prospects, expand your travel horizons and boost your confidence, so it can only bring positive changes to your life.

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Business Language Training: Group or 1-to-1?
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Business Language Training: Group or 1-to-1?
“Will I learn more quickly in a 1-to-1 or in a group setting?” – this is a question that we’re always asked here at Simon and Simon. Although both lesson formats have their advantages, a few factors may help you make the right choice when booking your language course. We take a closer look at them in this article.
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SIMON & SIMON International
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