24 January 2022

How Can Corporate English Language Training Benefit Your Business?

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What is Corporate English Language Training?

Corporate English language training – or business English language training – is a type of English language training given in a professional environment to employees of a company or organisation. These courses are crafted to help employees improve their English skills in a business setting. They vary from one company to the next, but some common areas of focus include grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and comprehension.

Depending on the level of your employees’ current English skills, you can tailor your training course to basic or more advanced needs. In addition to teaching different levels of English, these courses will also show your employees how to adapt their English for different business situations, such as giving presentations, speaking with the press, or interacting with clients.

Important Elements of Business English Language Training

Great business English training will help employees feel safe asking questions and practicing English in real-life situations. That means that many courses include interactive activities, role-play conversations and group discussions. These sessions will also offer plenty of opportunities for employees to practice their new skills with each other outside the classroom, reinforcing what they’ve learned. Other key elements of expert business English training include:

  • Authentic materials such as real-life company texts and articles from business magazines, real-life business phrases, and situation preparation.
  • Smaller or flexible class sizes to allow for more interaction between students and instructor and refined skills.
  • A range of materials such as videos and audio clips of company meetings or interviews to help immerse you in the language and help you fully grasp the nuances of the language.
  • Classes that can be customised to your specific needs with in-person and online classes, flexible schedules and teaching requirements.

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7 Business Benefits of Corporate English Language Training

English is a Highly Profitable Business Language

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and it’s also one of the most profitable. As businesses continue to expand their networks to encompass more international markets, English has become a crucial business skill for both employees and employers alike. The ability to use English can also open your business up to an entirely new pool of customers – and profit potential.

The Use of English is Growing Worldwide

It’s no secret that English has become the world’s preferred second language – but did you know that it’s growing faster than any other language? Every year, more and more people are becoming bilingual in English. More than one billion people can speak some form of English, including 90 million who use English as their primary language! This makes corporate English language training a vital component of globalisation and international business.

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Language Training Boosts Employee Retention

English is essential for success in the global marketplace, but it can also help increase employee retention. Offering language training in the workplace gives employees more opportunities for advancement, bigger bonuses and additional perks. 

Corporate English training can help your employees improve their current level of English and build the skills they’ll need to reach their full potential. As more and more companies recognise the value of professional language training, you can be sure that offering this as a company benefit will attract new recruits as well as retain your best employees.

Effective Communication Leads To Better Business Results

As companies continue to expand their networks around the world, English proficiency has become a necessity. With the right training and practice, your employees can improve their communication skills and take their careers to the next level – while strengthening the bottom line at the same time. These improved communications can lead to better performance company-wide, which is essential for any organisation, whether it’s a small business or multinational corporation.

Improving Your Employees Professional Potential

By investing in your employees’ professional English skills, you’re helping them build networks and advance their careers on an international scale. Offering professional language training as a company benefit shows your employees that you want them to succeed and helps you attract top talent as well. This will also improve the working conditions and productivity of all employees as they work together more efficiently.

Breaking Cultural Barriers

If your business regularly deals with people from other countries, you know how important it is to have the right skills for effective communication. As English becomes more and more common, international corporations need to be able to communicate effectively across cultures. Research has found that by improving their English skills, students are better able to understand diverse perspectives – strengthening trust between cultures in the process.

When your employees are able to communicate with people from different cultures, it opens up a world of new business opportunities. They’ll be better equipped to deal with negotiation obstacles and get more done in less time, which will lead to higher profits for your company – while helping them build their own skills at the same time.

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Corporate English Training Lets Your Employees Find Their Voice

English language learners who become more confident in their language skills report feeling less stressed at work and feeling like they’re better able to express their opinions. This leads to higher self-esteem, which means better performance on the job for all employees.

By offering Business English training as a company benefit, you’ll give your employees the opportunity to build their self-esteem and find their voice. This will strengthen relations between co-workers, improve communication throughout the company and lead to higher motivation every day.

Looking For Expert Corporate English Training?

At SIMON & SIMON, we know just how vital business English skills are in the global market. We offer professional business English language training to help companies of all types improve the skills of their workforce. Our team of training experts has years of experience in professional English teaching, so you can be sure that your employees are in good hands. We also offer flexible and blended in-person and virtual training to fit your individual business needs.

If you’re looking for expert business English training to help your employees succeed in the global marketplace, boost their performance and improve your company’s bottom line, contact us today to get started.

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