06 November 2019

Does Language Shape How We Think?

does language shape the way you think

This week we are sharing a fascinating TED talk by Lera Boroditsky, which gives us a great insight into the true value of learning different languages.


As Boroditsky explains, when a language uses an entirely different structure for explaining things, it can actually change the way you perceive those concepts.

Direction and time are dramatic examples of this, in the difference between English and the language from an Aboriginal community in Australia.

Beyond the examples that we see in this video, we can also highlight how differences in language can change the way we view business and the way we negotiate. Understanding – and thinking in – the language of your colleagues or clients/customers can result in a subtle understanding that gives you a surprising leg-up in smoothing negotiations.

Upgrade Your Team’s Cognitive Abilities

What Boroditsky’s research essentially means is that language learning allows you to stretch your mind, stretch your understanding of the world, and stretch your ability to interact with other people.

It would make sense then to ensure that you and your team learn more languages to maximise your effectiveness in your organisation, right? Click here to talk to one of our Account Managers and let us help you expand your horizons through words!

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