20 February 2020

Do You Speak Emoji?

the online language of emotions graph

In Ancient Egypt, they used hieroglyphs to write on the walls. Thousands of years later, we now scribble in the ether that is the Internet, using a new form of pictographic communication. It started with emoticons and eventually graduated to emojis (and now we’re even talking about memojis!)

Can we count the way we communicate using emojis as an entire language? Well we aren’t running any emoji language training yet – but it may be less of a stretch than you think. Some employers are even listing “fluency in emoji” as a requirement for social media executive roles!

We’ve gathered together some interesting data around this new emotion-based language and put it in together into this infographic. Applying some of this information could help with your workplace communication – especially with the millennials and Gen-Z workforce.

How do you feel about emojis? Are you one of the 10% of social networking users that don’t use emojis?

Are you a heavy user of the top 50 most used emojis?

Which is your favourite emoji and what does it mean to you?

Tell us all about it in the comments. ????

And if you feel like some formal training might be needed at your workplace to update your language skills – online or otherwise – click here to get in touch and discuss your needs with our Account Managers.

Infographic About Emojis, The Online Language Of Emotions
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Infographic About Emojis, The Online Language Of Emotions
Love them or loathe them, these emoji stats will leave you amazed!
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SIMON & SIMON International
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