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23 May 2018

Take one look at China on a map, and you will be struck by its size. It is a veritable heavyweight on the map, and it also has the largest Asian economy by far – in fact, it has the second largest economy in the world (this year it also surpassed the combined economies of the 19 Euro countries), and it is fast catching up to its main competitor, the United States.

25 April 2018

This week’s blog post is brought to you by Jack Milgram – a talented blogger and writer with a passion for languages.

The infographic below offers insightful information such as the most popular languages on the internet and other fascinating metrics for any polyglot and language enthusiast!

15 March 2013

After being asked for my opinion on how best to understand modern China I decided to inspect my bookcase and jog my memory for some of the most useful books which I have come across in my own continuing effort to understand China as a resident of Shanghai.

Eventually I managed to separate my top 5 reads and have listed them below with a short summary to guide you on the contents and help you choose the most useful book for you!

12 March 2013

In my last piece I wrote about the sometimes confusing mix of highly contemporary eye-catching architecture in China contrasting with a strong adherence to traditional beliefs and customs.  I would like to follow this up with a few specific examples of common mistakes people make when they are first doing business in China.

21 February 2013

Over the past 15 years of living, working and travelling in Greater China I have had my own fair share of culture shocks and bumps. And as a TV producer constantly working with different crews arriving from the UK and experiencing China for the first time I have had a ringside seat at other people’s surprise and frustrations too.

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