23 November 2021

10 Reasons To Learn Turkish Language For Business


Why Learn a Second Language For Business?

There are numerous reasons to learn a second language for business.  The most obvious being the access to a larger range of people. In general, international business professionals are required to have a working knowledge of at least one other language apart from their own. In some countries, having an excellent grasp of two or more languages is not only expected but necessary before you can advance in your career.

By learning a second language for business, you can:

  • Establish yourself as an authority on your subject matter even further
  • Improve your chances of getting a job in foreign countries
  • Boost your career prospects, especially if you are hoping to work for an international company or organisation
  • Expand your knowledge and understanding about the other side of the world through engaging with other cultures

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Why Turkish?

In recent years, the Turkish economy has been growing quickly. New business opportunities have been opening up all over and many major companies and organisations are looking for international professionals to help them succeed in this developing market.

Turkish is the most widely spoken language in the Middle-East. However, this language is not only spoken by many people, but also has deep cultural significance throughout this region. It has held an important place in world history as a lingua franca between Asia and Europe for centuries.

The widespread use of the Turkish language makes it a great tool for business. Whether you’re expanding your business to the Middle-East or simply looking for a new challenge, learning Turkish can be highly beneficial and open up lots of opportunities for you.

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10 Reasons To Learn Turkish Language For Business

Turkish is Widely Spoken

It is one of the world’s 15 most spoken languages, and has nearly 80 million speakers worldwide. Alongside Turkey, Turkish is an official language in Cyprus, Germany, Bulgaria and Macedonia to name a few. Also, many people who speak Turkish speak numerous languages, so your chances of meeting another English-speaker in Turkey are good.

Turkish Language For Business Will Make You A More Valuable Asset To Your Company

The more languages you know, the more valuable you become to your company. Once you’ve learnt Turkish for business, you will have more options available to your company. This could apply if you are running a start-up in Turkey, or want to go international with your business.

Turkish Language For Business Can Boost Your CV

Today, an impressive Curriculum Vitae is crucial for advancing your career prospects. By learning Turkish, you can add a positive language qualification to your resume without the need for a time-consuming course.

Also, by adding Turkish to your CV it will help you to differentiate yourself from other job applicants making you more desirable to employers. As there isn’t an overload of British applicants with Turkish on their CVs, this could be just the edge you need to get ahead of the rest.

Turkish Language For Business Can Make Your Travel Easier

The Turkish language for business will definitely come in useful when you’re searching for a hotel in Istanbul, visiting an art gallery or looking around the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market. As well as making your travel easier, you can also make friends with the locals more easily.

Turkish Can Be Straightforward To Learn

Unlike the English language, Turkish follows consistent rules. This means that it can be quite straightforward to develop your skills once you’ve wrapped your head around the initial concepts. Turkish is even easier to learn if you already know another language as some of the rules are similar.

Turkish Opens Up Vital Business Opportunities in the Middle East

Turkey is a rapidly growing economy. It has an educated workforce, close trading links with Europe, and is located in the middle of major emerging markets including Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Iran. If you are looking to do business in the Middle East, Turkey could be your ideal gateway. Getting to know the Turkish language will help you understand the culture and make it easier to do business there.

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Turkish Language Will Give You Unique Insights into Eastern Culture

Learning another language is a great way to expand your horizons by gaining unique insights into other cultures. Turkey has an important place in Middle Eastern history, so learning Turkish makes it easy to engage with the culture in a way that would be more difficult if you were monolingual.

Turkish Language For Business Will Attract New Clients

As well as opening up access to new markets, knowing Turkish for business will attract new clients. Whatever your industry, Turkish is a rising power in the global economy and learning the language could be a shrewd investment that pays dividends.

From a global perspective, Turkey is a very attractive market, and the Turkish language itself has great business potential. Once you’ve learned to speak it for business purposes, you will have access to a valuable new client base.

Turkish is a Flexible & Rich Language

Not only is Turkish one of the oldest languages, it is a greatly flexible and rich language with various dialects. This gives the opportunity to find one that works for you when travelling. It also gives you a greater choice when meeting with business partners or locals.

Turkish is a Beautiful Language

Not only does Turkish have a long history, but it is also a beautiful language. Its written form includes some of the most pleasant sounding letters in the world. Learning to read and write will introduce you to a rich cultural heritage that many find appealing when doing business in Turkey.

Looking For Expert Turkish Language For Business Training?

So if you’re looking to improve your business prospects and gain access to new markets, it could be time to learn Turkish. Not only is this language easy to learn but it will give you an edge over the rest of your colleagues and open up exciting new opportunities for your company.

At Simon and Simon, we offer expert-led business Turkish courses. Whether you want to train your team from your workplace, or use our virtual classrooms to learn, we offer something to suit any business needs.

Enquire today to learn more.

10 Reasons To Learn Turkish Language For Business
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10 Reasons To Learn Turkish Language For Business
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