Our clients are forward-thinking companies who know that developing the language skills of their workforce will improve the performance of their business. We help them achieve that by ensuring that our Executive Language Training Courses are run by language trainers with above average experience and a proven track record in business language training.

The success of this approach is validated by the many testimonials we receive from satisfied students and HR/Training personnel.

What Our Clients Say

Read what our clients, past and present, have to say about the quality of our language training and services.

  • "We are happy to recommend SIMON & SIMON their use of quality trainers in the UK and abroad ensures our students receive excellent training, and their personal approach to account management is very reassuring as they are always available and attentive to the clients requirements."

    Jayne, Personnel & Training
    Multinational construction company

  • "SIMON & SIMON continually provides outstanding language trainers who have relevant business experience."

    Heather, Financial Operations Controller
    Alcoholic beverage company

  • "I would like to mention that Olga is an excellent Russian teacher. Her lessons are really fun, she is great at explaining language points, her general cultural knowledge is awesome and she does a tremendous amount of preparatory work."

    Gavin, Associate Director
    Multinational banking group

  • "SIMON & SIMON is extremely professional and detail conscious... They provide excellent reports on student progress which enable us to make better informed decisions."

    Lisa, Training and Development Manager
    Cosmetics company

  • "We have every confidence in recommending SIMON & SIMON; their teachers continue to meet and exceed our expectations, and their service is supported by invaluable management information of the highest quality. We have had a very successful working relationship with SIMON & SIMON and would highly recommend them to anyone requiring language training."

    Louise, Training and Development Officer
    Investment corporation

  • "I have every confidence in recommending SIMON & SIMON - their personal approach clearly extends to and inspires their teachers who have consistently provided us with training of the highest quality."

    Sarah, Training Manager
    Banking corporation

  • "The information they provide makes it easy for our managers to keep track of each student's commitment and progress and identifies how they can save money and better focus on their investment in language training."

    Toby, Training Manager
    Multinational engineering conglomerate

  • "I have been taking Spanish lessons from SIMON & SIMON for 3 months now. It was not an obvious choice to use SIMON & SIMON as it seemed the prices were slightly higher than elsewhere. I have had Spanish lessons (and other language lessons before) and have not had great results. However it's a different story with SIMON & SIMON. The teacher we got is fantastic. He has many many years experience and yet seems so fresh and energetic every time he teaches. He also has a thorough grasp of the structure of the language and can explain in simple terms "why". The one piece of advice I would give anyone considering language lessons is how good is the teacher? It may sound obvious but a good teacher is many times better (and thus better value for money) than an average one."

    Ian, Managing Director
    Executive performance coaching company

  • "This was an excellent session. Very excited for this and Anette is an excellent teacher! Very happy to have finally started this."

    Michael, Associate
    Multinational law firm

  • "I keep having the English lessons nearly every week. Today I am much more fluent and I have definitely learned a lot with Brian. He is a great coach because I can cover many topics with him: business, culture, law, geography, etc… Also he is always on time and committed which is very appreciated. I would really like to maximise my hours as every week I learn with this amazing coach."

    Papis, Regional Manager
    Cosmetics company

  • "I must say Farida is the best teacher I ever had. Full of energy, motivating me, finding alternative ways of learning as I have no much time apart from classes. Materials she is preparing are good - she always shows her way of explaining some grammar points. I wish she could be as happy from me as I am from her - but I must say I am not spending much time to learn so she is forced to repeat some points with me again."

    Anna, Product Line Quality Director
    Multinational automotive suppliers

  • "The course is going very well. Sue is an extraordinary teacher and I have improved very much thanks to her lessons."

    Luca, Software Development Engineer
    Semiconductor suppliers

  • "I have nothing but positive things to say about the training I received. Sabine is an excellent tutor, who always managed to keep our sessions engaging without losing sight of the end goal (preparing me for speaking French in a professional setting). I definitely feel more confident about my language skills."

    Matteo, Graduate Executive
    Investments group

  • "Many thanks for your assistance in finding Nathalie. As I said, I really enjoyed my lessons. Nathalie was a fantastic tutor and I wholeheartedly recommend her."

    Alison, Product Line Quality Director
    Animation studio

  • "I just wanted to provide some feedback on my German course with Cornelia. She has been really great the whole course, she has remained professional and helpful. One thing that I find particularly impressive with her is the preparation she put into every class and her organisation. This has really shown and has made such a huge difference to the quality of each lesson. It was clear that she wanted me to learn and was not just there to get through each day. She genuinely wanted the best for me and wanted to to learn. I have been so impressed with her I can't speak highly enough. "


  • "I’m very grateful for all the help you’ve given me over the last eighteen months. It’s been a pleasure studying with Simon & Simon and I’d certainly recommend you to any of my friends or colleagues. Again, many thanks to you and your colleagues."

    Aluminium Supplier

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