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The Latest Language Insights from SIMON & SIMON

22 February 2022

Great cross-cultural communication and understanding is crucial in today’s global market. Not only does it open up new possibilities and opportunities for individuals, but it can provide a major competitive advantage in the workplace by allowing individuals to better manage diverse teams, work more effectively with international colleagues, and encourage harmony between different cultures.

15 February 2022

For many businesses and modern professionals, it can be vital to stay up-to-date on the cultural events that are happening globally. From religious holidays to cultural festivals, it can directly impact your business and market trends.

In this article we have provided a list of the major holidays and events for 2022 so you can stay up-to-date on what will be going on in the near future. Save for later to reference all year round and never miss a beat.

15 February 2022

The ability to use language is, of course, an important skill for everyone. However, being able to use it well in business situations is particularly important. It’s not just about being able to speak correctly, it’s about being able to communicate the right message and connect with clients, customers and businesses in a clear and concise way.

07 February 2022

Communication is key when it comes to business in this global economy. However, many businesses struggle to navigate the international market as they are not equipped with the relevant language skills. This puts them at a disadvantage to their competitors while running the risk of losing out on valuable opportunities.

01 February 2022

As you develop your skills – and your vocabulary – in English, you may start to notice that English has many words that look or sound exactly the same but mean something different, which can be pretty confusing. (This tricky quality of English trips up many native speakers too!). In this article, we untangle these similar-seeming words so you can boost your English vocabulary with confidence, whether you are learning the language or want to polish your English language skills.

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