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The Latest Language Insights from SIMON & SIMON

21 December 2020

Wherever you or your clients are based, a knowledge of local cultural, religious and community-focused events can help you to build bridges with your contacts and understand their priorities. When you forge deep and respectful connections, you can conduct future business in a way that may lead to mutually beneficial outcomes. In this article, we scan the key cultural, religious and community-focused events coming up around the world in 2021 so that you can plan ahead with confidence – however the business landscape evolves past the challenges of 2020.

15 December 2020

As we approach the festive season, it is astonishing to think that we have spent so much of this year with such an unintended and yet essential goal: staying at home to help save lives. However, even in challenging times like these it is still possible to find things to be grateful for.

In this article, we consider five ways in which 2020 has offered us surprising opportunities and moments of calm, so that we can approach the holidays with a positive mindset and optimism for the year ahead. Whether 2020 has been a series of challenges, a series of opportunities or a mix of both, we hope you have a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season – and that your plans for 2021 bring you happiness.

08 December 2020

Japan is a land of natural wonders, exceptional animation and uniquely delicious food. It is also the world’s third-largest economy, after the United States and China – and the UK’s recent Japanese trade deal could change the shape of our longer-term business relationship with this major economy. In this article, we share a few interesting facts and figures about Japanese language and culture.

01 December 2020

Italy evokes images of culture, style and elegance – and it may also invite thoughts of delicious food and drink, such as pizza, pasta and gelato. In this article, we look at some curious facts about the Italian language and Italian culture, including the significance of fashion, the cultural impact of opera, and the diversity of regional dialects across Italy.

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