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15 March 2013

After being asked for my opinion on how best to understand modern China I decided to inspect my bookcase and jog my memory for some of the most useful books which I have come across in my own continuing effort to understand China as a resident of Shanghai.

Eventually I managed to separate my top 5 reads and have listed them below with a short summary to guide you on the contents and help you choose the most useful book for you!

13 March 2013

In this article aimed at those working in HR / Training / Learning & Development, Barry Tomalin outlines the key components of successful Cultural Training programmes.

Given the impact they can have on the way organisations and their people conduct business internationally, ensuring a maximum return on investment is essential.

13 March 2013

One of the world’s largest economies and one of the world’s richest cultures with its own variety of English, India has a similar number of English speakers to those in the UK & America combined.

Yet many Westerners say they have difficulty communicating effectively with some Indian colleagues.  Here are ten tips you can use to help build successful working relationships.

12 March 2013

In my last piece I wrote about the sometimes confusing mix of highly contemporary eye-catching architecture in China contrasting with a strong adherence to traditional beliefs and customs.  I would like to follow this up with a few specific examples of common mistakes people make when they are first doing business in China.

12 March 2013

Society is becoming more and more consumer orientated and with stiffer competition in all sectors, businesses really need to do what they can to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. However, when looking at strategies to deal with these issues, one area that is often overlooked is how a business communicates with its clients.

04 March 2013

Obviously, many of those you deal with will have been educated in or be familiar with the UK or the US.  Also, traditionally, these countries have relied on foreign labour, particularly Indian and Pakistani, to run businesses. However, there are big changes as the Gulf states diversify their economies and increasingly try to involve their own citizens in the workforce. In Oman, for example, despite dependence on a predominantly South Asian workforce, the government is making determined efforts to find employment for local Omanis.

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