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We have spent many years developing a team of enthusiastic,
qualified native speaker teachers with an average of 15 years' experience.

SIMON & SIMON - The UK's Leading Provider of Experienced Language Trainers

Experienced Language Trainers SIMON & SIMON is the UK's No.1 provider of experienced Language Trainers to the corporate sector, reflecting our commitment over many years to assembling a team of enthusiastic and proven career professionals to work alongside our wide range of clients.

Our database of over 3,000 qualified language teachers ensures we have the capacity to resource language training needs on a truly national and international scale, and all of the teachers running our English & Foreign Language courses have above average industry experience. They have been selected for their clear commitment to their teaching careers, the quality of their materials and their knowledge of a range of teaching methodologies - and most importantly the ability they have to give their learners the confidence to communicate in another language.

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Our current team of language trainers have an average of 15 years' teaching experience, and many of them also have additional skills working as language examiners, translators and interpreters. The excellent feedback we receive from our students has underlined for us the benefits of recruiting language trainers of above-average experience, with their wider knowledge of teaching methodologies and learning styles, extensive course materials and track record working in many different business sectors.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced learner we guarantee you will enjoy learning with one of our team of qualified, native-speaker language teachers, and will soon be on your way to achieving your language goals and communicating with confidence in your chosen language.

Prior to the start of their course, we send each student a short profile on their trainer, outlining their academic qualifications, professional background, years of experience and areas of expertise. The profile serves as a useful personal introduction as well as underlining the teacher's credentials.

Very often, many people's only previous experience of learning a language has been at school, where a great deal of emphasis was placed on reading and writing a language with the purpose of passing an examination. However, teaching approaches to modern language training have changed enormously in recent years, and as a result, learning a language is now a lot more fun and a far more rewarding experience!

Languages are now widely taught using a method known as the Communicative Approach or Direct Method, whereby the teacher conducts the session almost entirely in the target language regardless of the student's level. While it may take getting used to initially, the method has proven to be highly effective and is adopted by language training organisations around the world.

SIMON & SIMON is a highly reputable language training company with teaching opportunities nationwide and internationally. If you are a language trainer with a minimum of five years' experience and living anywhere in the UK or overseas, we would be delighted to hear from you. Simply complete our Trainer Application Form and we will contact you shortly.

If you would like to know what it's like to work with us, do read the testimonials below from some of our current trainers!

"At SIMON & SIMON you really feel like you are treated as an individual. The Account Managers are so friendly and efficient, and they really understand what's it like to work as as a freelance teacher. They supply me with a range of interesting courses and also manage to keep the course administration to a minimum - I would recommend SIMON & SIMON to any experienced teacher."

Michel Peressini, French Teacher
"It's so easy to work with SIMON & SIMON! Their Account Managers are so helpful and supportive and they have a great online system called MONITOR, which makes it very simple for us to do our course administration and to check how many hours we have done with our students. I really feel my work is appreciated by everyone at SIMON & SIMON - and they even pay us more for Advanced Courses!"

Silvia Castro, Spanish Teacher
"I've been teaching for SIMON & SIMON for almost 10 years now and what I appreciate about them as a company is that they trust me to get on with the job of teaching and they provide support when I need it."

Brian Lee, English Teacher.

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