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Private individuals and professionals in companies all over the UK have profited from undertaking a French Language Course with SIMON & SIMON. Averaging 15 years of experience, our native French speaking qualified teachers construct your course so that your individual requirements are met, no matter what your level of experience. Our French teachers receive excellent feedback from our clients. A profile, containing information about the French teacher’s background and experience, is sent to each student before the French lessons start.

The way that modern languages are taught has gone through a revolution in the past few years. If you have only learned languages at school you will find that the experience now is vastly more fun and worthwhile. The Communicative Approach means that your French lessons in East Sussex will be almost entirely through the medium of French. You will feel that you are making real progress, even in the first lesson, and will soon communicate in French with confidence, in a range of social and business environments.

French courses from us can be run for groups or individuals. While many of our clients offer their employees French courses on a 1:1 basis, group sessions can be excellent value. Group sessions do require planning and commitment from the participants and we recommend that no more than 6 people participate in a group. As 1:1 lessons can be tailored to an individual’s needs, strengths and weaknesses, learning French in East Sussex on a 1:1 basis will give quicker progress.

French Course Management

A multi-lingual Account Manager with extensive experience is responsible for each SIMON & SIMON French language course. A profile on your trainer, Course Plan and course materials will be sent to you when you start your French course. After every 40 hours of training you will receive a Progress Report. We will also send you Breaking the Language Barrier, our quarterly newsletter, which contains a wonderful prize draw and valuable language learning resource weblinks.

SIMON & SIMON’s French language courses have been run for clients in many different locations. With a global network of language trainers a French language course can be held in almost any major city throughout Europe and elsewhere. We can arrange French language courses in your home or, as many of our clients prefer, in your offices to remove the need for you to travel. Full-time residential French language courses are also an option. For a list of locations, please contact our office.

East Sussex French Course Schedules

We run French language courses in East Sussex all year. Most of our students participate in no less than one 90-minute lesson per week, but many students will participate in more if work commitments allow. Weekend Courses can be facilitated, and our French weekday courses run from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm. Intensive French language courses are also available and can be run at the client’s premises or a residential centre in the UK or overseas. These courses take place over 6 hours a day, Monday through Friday, for 30 hours per week.

Your French language course’s content will be tailored to your experience and goals. Prior to the course, we will assess your French language level and speak to you comprehensively about the areas and subjects you are interested in. Students may be complete novices who need everyday French conversational skills or have more proficiency in French and wish to be able to discuss various business topics such as banking or finance more fluently. Students may desire to bolster their French for negotiations and meetings or focus on gaining better listening, pronunciation and comprehension skills. No matter what your needs, you can be confident that our very experienced French language trainers will work with you on a French language course that is tailored for you so that you quickly meet your goals.

French Language Examination Courses

French examination preparation for business or other examinations can also be assisted with. Our students boast a 95% rate of passing such examinations, proving the value of our policy of French teachers in East Sussex with experience above the average. SIMON & SIMON also organises registration and administration of French examinations as well as issuing results certificates as a part of our service.

The table below is based on recognised language levels used by various academic institutions accross the European Union. A highly motivated student attending weekly sessions with their language trainer can expect to move from one level to another after 50 hours providing they also commit to a similar number of hours of self-study.

Of course, some people find learning languages easier than others, and some students will have more opportunities to practise the language in the course of their work and leisure, so these factors also need to be considered when trying to assess how long it will take to move from one level to another.

Level People At This Level Can:
Complete Beginner No previous knowledge of the target language
  • Make contacts and exchange basic information (personal, work and social)
  • Handle basic business telephone language
  • Work with numbers (e.g. dates and figures)
  • Understand simple requests and instructions
  • Make basic travel arrangements and appointments
  • Handle basic forms and documents
Level 1
Low Intermediate
  • Describe the company and its products
  • Confirm and alter meeting arrangements
  • Give simple instructions and explanations
  • Develop contacts and exchange more specific / detailed information
  • Understand and write simple business correspondence and notes
  • Contribute to discussions (e.g. express opinions, agree and disagree) and make simple formulaic presentations on familiar topics
Level 2
  • Understand and interpret key, work-related information, e.g. handling customer enquiries
  • Understand and write standard business correspondence and reports
  • Give more complex instructions and explanations and explain ideas
  • Participate in routine interviews
  • Participate more fully in business meetings and discussions
  • Make more complex formulaic presentations on familiar topics
Level 3
Upper Intermediate
  • Understand and write complex business correspondence and reports within own field
  • Understand and discuss complex concepts of a general and work-related nature
  • Handle formal and informal meetings and negotiations with, for example, customer or suppliers
  • Relocate to a country where the language is spoken and function fully in all routine areas and aspects of work
Level 4
  • Use appropriate language to deal with an extensive range of oral and written tasks
  • Respond to a wide variety of situations with fluency and spontaneity
  • Read, interpret and produce highly specialised texts / reports and present, discuss complex arguments
  • Make presentations and contribute fully at seminars and conferences

Company Funded Training

If your company is thinking of investing in language training our free consultation and demo lesson is a real opportunity to see if SIMON & SIMON is right for you - hundreds of other companies have chosen SIMON & SIMON, so we hope you will join them.

To take up this special offer, please call Lisa Zealey, on 020 7931 9026 - quoting "Demo Lesson" - our no-obligation consultation and demo lesson is free of charge.

Self-Funded Training

If you are interested in taking one of our courses as a private individual, then our free demo lessons are a perfect opportunity for you to meet one of our language trainers, experience the teaching methodology firsthand, and for us to assess your level and course needs - all with no obligation.

Demo lessons typically last 1 hour, and take place at our offices in central London, close to Victoria Station.

To take up this special offer, please call Lisa Zealey, on 020 7931 9026 - quoting "Demo Lesson" - our no-obligation consultation and demo lesson is free of charge.

For additional information on our language courses, visit the following pages if you are an HR Professional, an Employee or an Individual.

For information on fees and to receive a proposal specifically tailored to your language needs, please complete our Short Enquiry Form and we will respond promptly, or call us directly on 020 7821 0999

A summary of the benefits clients of SIMON & SIMON enjoy:

  • a totally flexible range of language training options
  • 'in-company', 'at home' or 'residential' courses
  • 1 - 30 hours per week of language training
  • courses in English and more than 20 foreign languages
  • 1:1 or group sessions
  • courses in the UK and Worldwide
  • qualified native speakers with an average of 15 years' teaching experience


Our service includes:

  • the support of our multi-lingual team of Account Managers
  • pre-course Language Assessments and Course Needs Analysis
  • Trainer Profiles, Course Plans, Progress Reports and Course Evaluations
  • purchase and delivery of course materials
  • registration and preparation for language examinations
  • comprehensive reports on student attendance and progress
  • regular Account Reviews with HR/Learning & Development personnel
  • password access to 'Monitor' - our industry leading online reporting system
  • a Translation & Interpreting service
  • Our newsletter - Breaking the Language Barrier


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French is a Romance language spoken as a first language by around 136 million people worldwide. A total of 500 million speak it as either a first, second, and foreign language. Moreover, some 200 million people learn French as a foreign language. French speaking communities are present in 56 countries and territories. Most native speakers of the language live in France, the rest live essentially in Canada, particularly Quebec, a minority in New Brunswick and Maine, as well as Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg and Louisiana. Most second-language speakers of French live in Francophone Africa, arguably exceeding the number of native speakers.

East Sussex is a county in South East England. It is bordered by the counties of Kent, Surrey and West Sussex, and to the south by the English Channel. East Sussex is part of the ancient kingdom of the South Saxons, who established themselves there in the fifth century AD, after the departure of the Romans, although the area had been populated for many thousands of years before then. Archaeological remains are plentiful, especially in the upland areas. The area's position on the coast has also meant that there were many invaders, including the Romans and later the Normans. Earlier industries have included fishing, iron-making, and the wool trade, all of which have declined, or lost completely. The ancient kingdom of Sussex has had two separate county administrations since the 12th century, with the county town of the eastern division being Lewes. This situation was formalised by Parliament in 1865, and the two parts were given distinct elected county councils in 1889 under the Local Government Act 1888. In East Sussex there were also three self-administered county boroughs: Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings.

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