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The Latest Language Insights from SIMON & SIMON

02 June 2016

If you are up to date with the steps that we have been taking towards speeding up your learning of a new language, you have already immersed yourself in the language you are learning. (Go back to Part 1, Part […]

26 May 2016

Welcome back to our look at the steps necessary for speeding up your language learning process.  In Parts 1 and 2 we looked at the backbone of learning any new language – the vocabulary.  If you’re focusing on the roughly […]

19 May 2016

Welcome back to our look at the various steps for increasing your ability to learn a new language.  Previously we discussed two of the first steps towards learning the necessary vocabulary of your new language – enough to have a […]

12 May 2016

Some people have the gift, some don’t.  This is what many people think when it comes to learning a new language.  But, the truth is that this is simply an excuse to mask the somewhat daunting prospect of language learning.  […]

20 April 2016

Of all the hurdles language learners face, false friends are perhaps the most frustrating. False friends or false cognates are words that look or sound the same in two different languages, but have completely different meanings. For Spanish and English […]

02 March 2016

Learning any new language can often be challenging. However, it can also be one of your greatest assets in practicing international businesses. The language barrier can become a negotiation barrier.

Let us preface this with that each learner is different, and the difficulty in learning a language depends on a variety of factors. This includes the complexity of the language, how self-motivated you are, and the resources that are available for that specific language.

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