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11 January 2017

We are starting to see people taking up cultural training because it’s becoming clear: language learning alone isn’t enough to excel in the business world. However, even within language training – the words are not the only things that matter. […]

21 December 2016

Sweden is a wealthy, competitive and productive country in which to do business. It is sixth in the World Economic Forum’s list of the 10 most competitive economies – behind only Switzerland, Singapore, the US, the Netherlands and Germany – […]

14 December 2016

How much do you know about Christmas traditions in other cultures and languages? It’s the time of year to be jolly… but is it also the time of year to find a way to burn down a straw goat? Or […]

07 December 2016

A huge part of international business is being able to recognise, absorb and adapt to the unique culture of the country you’re working with. Many European nations share particular cultural values, such as their emphasis on having a great work–life […]

02 December 2016

It can all sound a bit fluffy sometimes to say that employees should learn a new language as it will “help” them. Often we may agree that it’s “useful”, but what is the actual evidence of that? This infographic shows […]

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